Who is maintaining Patterson’s beautiful and designated historic Las Palmas Avenue? Driving in a typical Westside wind storm on Jan. 18, 2021 was very dangerous. Palm fronds blowing not only off trees but from large piles of dead fronds that never get picked up. There are dead trees that are not being taken down and sucker trees (wild plant growth that develops from base of root of plant or a certain distance away from the plant – not propagated), growing out of the base tree and out of line with the tree row onto the roadway. Sucker trees need to be removed and trash and fronds need constant maintenance not once it is out of control. Dead standing and dead down trees need to be removed, it has to be a liability for whoever is in charge of maintaining the trees. This is a disgrace for me to watch. I have lived off Las Palmas and have been driving this road for 55 years and maintenance the last four years is bare minimum.

George Reichmuth


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