I imagine that most readers are aware that California will be holding its Primary Election on March 3, 2020.  Besides the many important offices that will be on the ballot, there is a lesser-known proposition that can provide vital funding for school facilities modernization and new construction.  With a certain ironic twist, this will be Proposition 13.  No, this proposition has no impact on how property taxes are assessed, or collected – it has nothing to do with the Proposition 13 that was passed in 1978.

Instead, it is a school facilities bond that will provide $9 billion in much needed funding for K-12 schools.  The funds can be used to modernize aging existing facilities, improve energy efficiency, provide clean drinking water, support career technical education, charter schools, and new construction. 

The last school facilities bond, Prop. 51 was passed in November, 2016.  Before the funds from Prop. 51 were exhausted, Scotts Valley submitted two applications to help fund the Middle School project. Three years later, these requests are still waiting to be funded, but at least our applications were accepted before the funds were exhausted. We hope to see the funds later this year.

Since all of the funds from Prop. 51 have been earmarked, the State needs another facilities bond to continue addressing much needed school facilities projects.  If this bond passes in March, SVUSD will submit applications to help address needs at SVHS and the two elementary school campuses.  Please read up on Proposition 13, and consider supporting this important measure on March 3rd.

As usual, I want to let you know about some upcoming school events you can enjoy. If you love seeing science experiments, January is your month, as we’ll have Science Fairs for Vine Hill Elementary (1/18 at SVHS in the Student Union), Scotts Valley Middle School (1/22), and Brook Knoll Elementary (1/31).  On January 22nd, you can hear the fabulous Scotts Valley High School Winter Concert for band and choir. For basketball fun, check out the staff vs. students game at Scotts Valley Middle School as part of Jam in January on January 24th.  Also, on 1/24 is the Scotts Valley High School Talent Show, and on January 31st  is the Vine Hill ice cream social at the Scotts Valley Community Center. For more information about all of these events, check out bit.ly/SVUSDEvents.

Also coming to Scotts Valley is an important and timely film. LIKE is a documentary film that explores the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain.  The Scotts Valley Educational Foundation will be screening LIKE at 7pm on Tuesday, February 4th at Scotts Valley High.

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