In response to Santa Cruz County’s ongoing Shelter in Place Orders, Cabrillo College Extension has moved many of its popular workshops and summer camps to a virtual format with live instruction. Classes in creative arts, culinary, health & wellness, home & garden, as well as Extension’s summer youth camps are offered via live instruction that can be enjoyed from home. Students can interact with instructors and fellow students to complete projects and learn new skills, and classes are full of instructor-led demonstrations, social interaction, and expert guidance.

     Jill Gallo, Extension’s Assistant Director, says that their commitment to the community is a constant driver for the team. “We are all part of this community, and we know that community education and summer camps are a way to stay active, build and nurture relationships, as well as learn new skills, so we were determined to continue offering our programs. With their inherent social interactions, our classes and camps are a great way to counterbalance the effects of social distancing.”

     Extension maintained as much consistency as possible, and continued to work with local artists and professionals to teach their classes. Many of the virtual classes are offered by the same Cabrillo Extension instructors the community has come to know and love over the years.

     “The camps are super user-friendly and creative,” says Lori Kearney, an educator from Main St. Elementary School who is teaching several virtual youth camps. “Kids complete hands-on projects in between meetings, so they are not doing everything exclusively on screen.”


     The Summer Youth Program launched on June 15th with virtual camps, which will continue through early August. In addition, Cabrillo Extension is excited to offer a limited number of on-campus camps during the month of July. These half-day, week-long camps are designed to keep kids safe and healthy, while affording them the opportunity to explore content such as cooking, programming, or LEGO building.

Cabrillo Extension summer classes are now open for registration. For more information, and online registration, go to:

WHAT:                   Cabrillo College Extension Enrichment Classes and Summer Camps

WHEN:                   Summer Workshops and Camps are open for registration

WHERE:                Cabrillo Extension Home Page:

WHO:                     Camps and Workshops for ages 5 to 85…and beyond!

INFO:                     Visit

Summer Workshops and Youth Summer Camps Are Open for Registration

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