Valley Women’s Club

For the first time, the Valley Women’s Club — along with the Mountain Parks Foundation — is in the running to have an Enviro Token Box at the New Leaf Markets in Felton and Boulder Creek! If chosen, the funds donated to the VWC will go directly to support the establishment of Styrofoam recycling in the County.

It would be an honor to be selected, and the community’s help is needed — by voting for the VWC online at through May 31st.

If chosen, for the duration of a year, the VWC can benefit when shoppers with their own grocery bags receive tokens to put in its Token Box, and New Leaf contributes to us based on the number of tokens. Please help out!

About Styrofoam — the VWC’s SLV Redemption/Recycling Centers received a grant to purchase a Styrofoam densifier, the only way to reduce the volume of Styrofoam sufficiently. Due to significant added costs not covered by the grant, including additional equipment and permit fees, we are not yet able to accept or process Styrofoam.

According to Matt Harris, Director of Recycling, additional funds and testing are needed. Once these long term challenges are solved, the densifier, which we have named “Transfoamer,” will circulate from the Ben Lomond Transfer station to other refuse and recycling sites in the County, so that Styrofoam can get recycled and densified.

For now, Styrofoam can be taken to the Ben Lomond Transfer station and the Buena Vista landfill as refuse and is subject to a fee for disposal.

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