This in an open letter to each of the customers of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District and a request that you consider the opportunity to object to yet another rate hike.

The water district is a monopoly and, as such, can only hike rates if “a majority of the affected property owners do not object.” This approach has worked for them for virtually all of the numerous price hikes in the last decade. They depend on the apathetic attitude of their customers to carry the increase through, which historically works for them.

I believe, in all fairness, that the law should be changed and require that a rate hike can only be approved if the majority votes or expresses a positive support for the increase. However, since that isn’t currently the case I would encourage each of you to submit a letter of objection or attend a meeting and offer your opposition in person.

Recent editorials by the SLVWD offer reasons for a needed increase. These are actually the same ones they suggest every time they want an increase and even though they always get their wish nothing really ever changes. Aren’t any of the rest of you getting a little tired of it? Or is it just me?

Elwin Haddix,

Ben Lomond

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