Dear Readers,                                                                                                            May 1, 2020

In posting this information on our site I am hoping to inject some figures that will make us consider for ourselves, as individual, intelligent people if the excessive restrictions Gov. Newsome defined and the full implementation of those guidelines by Gail Newell our Health Dir. for the county of Santa Cruz.

April 29, 2020 most recent data states, 48,917 TOTAL Deaths in CA! This figure is approximately 11,000 LESS than the average number of deaths from any of our regular flus [avg = 60,000]. It represents only 0.122% of the total population of the state.

 The 2009 H1N1 which had 657 deaths and 10,545 confirmed cases in CA and was the most recent “epidemic” that had the world concerned of massive deaths. But, it did not manifest as it was expected, just as COVID 19 has not manifested to the death level anticipated by government medical experts, but a HUGE number were infected  in 2009, I was one of them most likely you were too, we’re still here and so is most everyone else!. [ H1N1 = 60.8 million cases, 274,000 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths-Wikipedia]

The number of deaths YTD for COVID 19 in the ENTIRE STATE OF CA is 1,982 that equates to 0.005% [5/1000 of a percent]  There is a 99% Recovery rate according to the data as well – which is the same as any “normal” flu.

I could continue, but we’re all inundated with data everywhere we turn and trying to find the truth.  I leave it to you to determine if you believe with these numbers all FAR BELOW THE 1% NORM, whether these excessive restrictions now extended through May – with beaches closed – is justified and worth all the pain, suffering and loss we’re all experiencing. 


Cherie LaFrance-Anderson

Managing Editor / Advertising Director

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