Dr. Anthony P. Tyler

Anthony (Tony) was a graduate of McGill Medical School, in Montreal, Canada. He practiced medicine in Felton for 35 years.

Continuing the tradition of his Felton predecessors, Dr. Jessie Farmer and then Dr. Ashby Steele, Tony was a country doctor. He enjoyed suturing and performing minor surgeries in his office, and the resultant satisfaction this provided his patients. He made house calls, tended to the elderly, and cared for generations of San Lorenzo Valley families.

Tony’s personal passions were varied. He grew an abundance of award-winning roses with which he made beautiful bouquets for his office, home, and friends. He frequently invited friends to his home for barbeque parties. Being a Montreal native, he loved ice hockey, often hooting and hollering at the Montreal Canadiens or San Jose Sharks on the TV set.

Tony was also an avid puzzler; one of his favorite pastimes was working on a challenging jigsaw puzzle after work or just sitting on the porch, filling in the newspaper’s daily crossword puzzle with his dog, Enzo, at his side. Most of all, he enjoyed being surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the Valley.

He is survived by daughters Carolyn and Heather Tyler, mother Susan Tyler, siblings Alexandra (Tyler) Amick, Jonathan Tyler, Mason Tyler, and Sanford Tyler, nieces McKenzie and Christina Tyler, and nephews Tyler Amick, Mason Amick, Dieter Amick, and Jonathan Tyler.

The family wishes to thank Tony’s office staff, friends, patients, and colleagues for their years of support and friendship.

A memorial service to celebrate Tony’s life will be held at the Felton Community Hall on Sunday, January 31st, at 2:00 p.m. Memorial donations may be made to Valley Churches United or Felton Fire Protection District.

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