Tuesday night my partner received an alert on her phone that Boulder Creek was getting evacuated, the fire was spreading and from that point on is when everything took a turn for the worst. Coming from the Bay Area of San Jose and moving to Felton has all been very new territory and uncommon experiences from what I’m used to. Being evacuated from my home has been an experience I never thought I’d have to encounter. Emotions have been high, feelings of uncertainty, fear, and possible loss of my home have been running through me in waves this past week.

Unlike the majority of the community in SLV, I’ve only lived here a few years. As I’m still getting familiar with areas around me and still building relationships in our community. I moved to Felton to better my life in ways such as finding a new home, building a new community, and growing and expanding my fitness business. It’s a very unsettling fact that one thunderstorm could whip all that away, leaving me stripped of what I’ve worked for since I’ve lived here. Since I’m still new to the area, I have very limited resources and olive branches in the community to lean on during this evacuation, which has been a stressful and scary situation to be in.

I’ve had to relocate several times through all this, not knowing when I will be able to return to the comfort and security of my home. Not knowing when I’ll be able to continue work is such an uneasy and anxious feeling. Because of living in the San Lorenzo Valley clear reception isn’t always easy to find in all areas. Some places I’ve stayed have internet reception and some places don’t. The lack of the internet plays a huge role in my line of work. I meet my clients two ways, in person or virtually. If I can’t meet my clients for training sessions whether in person or virtual then I can’t work and continue to make a living. Natural disasters are a huge threat to my livelihood and could easily put me out of work overnight. On the other hand, what eases my mind is I’m keeping myself updated on the fire. Reading articles and seeing this community come together to help one another, support each other, and help in any way they can during this tragic time. I’m proud to be a part of this strong, caring, and selfless community and to call my home!

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