A strong smell of freshly-baked bread welcomes customers of Scotts Valley’s new Loganberry Bakery in the Camp Evers shopping center.

Run by mother-daughter duo, Kim and Tina Button, the bakery specializes in gluten-free pastries and bread among their classic pies and cakes.

“We don’t really have one specialty,” co-owner Kim Button said. “Different people like certain things and we try to be sure we carry stuff everybody likes.”

The bakery offers a variety of options. A blackboard lists more than eight pies and the Buttons give customers the option to mix-and-match nine cake flavors with eight different icings. Customers may also purchase freshly-baked bread, danishes, bear claws, cookies and other sweet treats from display cases inside the shop.  

They plan to offer sandwiches made on their freshly-baked breads, Kim Button said.

“We do a tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, pesto turkey, and cranberry turkey,” Tina Button said.

Before buying their storefront in Scotts Valley, they sold their bakery products at restaurants like Jeffery’s Restaurant in Santa Cruz and grocery stores including New Leaf.

“We’ve always baked,” Tina Button said. “It’s just always been something we’ve done together.”

The bakery opened for business on Saturday, Oct. 25 but is planning a grand opening sometime later in November where they hope to invite a local reggae band.

“I tell everyone I want a theme park eventually,” Tina Button said. “They think I’m kidding but I have a mascot I want to have for us. He’s going to be ‘Larry the Loganberry’.”

The Button’s are excited about their business opening and have begun to take pre-orders for Thanksgiving. For the holidays they will offer gluten-free pies and cakes, among regularly-made bakery items.

The storefront is located at 16 Camp Evers Lane, in Scotts Valley, tucked behind Maya Restaurant in the Camp Evers shopping Center. The store is open from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

For more information about the Loganberry Bakery, visit www.loganberrybakery.net or call 295-1973.

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