Paula Phelan came to Scotts Valley looking to purchase a home and liked the area so much she launched a public relations company that this month celebrates 20 years in business.

“It’s just so beautiful, the fresh air, yet it’s still so close to (the) tech (industry),” Phelan said this week. “It’s just a great place to have a business.”

Phelan launched Nadel Phelan Inc. on Mount Hermon Road near Valley Gardens Golf Course as a technical research firm, but soon found that along with research, tech companies needed expert public relations help to accurately explain their ever-evolving products.

Phelan’s new company moved into that role.

“We wanted to keep it very focused,” Phelan said. “We’ve always stuck to our tech roots.”

Today the company serves about 15 companies around the globe and has maintains an experienced staff of 20.

From Scotts Valley, she said, her employees are able to work with European companies for two good hours in the morning and then with companies in Asia for two good hours in the evening. They handle all elements of public relations from writing to event and crisis management, always focusing on their customer’s needs first.

Phelan prides her staff on actually understanding the technology they are marketing, “and not just the buzzwords and jargon,” she said. This allows her employees to answer many questions without having to interrupt their client for every media request.

During 20 years in business, Nadel Phelan has helped oversee 80 acquisitions including two for more than $1 billion.

Current and recent clients include Novatel Wireless’s MiFi, a wireless hotspot that cell phone companies have picked up and Aisle411, a shopping app that allows stores to help customers find a product on the shelves.

To celebrate 20 years, Phelan and vice president Cara Sloman will take the company’s employees on a cruise on the Chardonnay and also distribute a mailing that talks about the last 20 years in the mobile technology industry.

Sloman said the company continues to hold to a motto after 20 years in business.

“When the client is successful, we are successful,” she said.

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