Election results

This election day brought attention to some key local races for city council, water district board of directors and approval of several different tax measures. 

Following are the unofficial candidates’ standings, as of press time:

U.S. House of Representatives, District 18

 Anna Eshoo is the projected winner. 

Anna Eshoo (D) 71.85%, 10,639 votes

Christine Russell (R)  28.15%, 4,169  votes

State Assembly, District 29

Mark Stone is the projected winner. 

Mark Stone (D) 75.46%, 38,257 votes

Vicki Nohrden (R) 24.54%, 12,441 votes 

Scotts Valley City Council

Two incumbents and one newcomer are vying for two seats on city council. Currently, Derek Timm and Jim Reed are front-runners. 

Derek Timm 1,826 votes 

Jim Reed 1,810 votes 

Stephany Aguilar 1,708 votes 

Scotts Valley School Board 

Two incumbents and one newcomer are up for two seats on SVUSD School Board. Roger Snyder and Corey Warner, the two incumbents, are the front-runners. 

Roger Snyder 2,505 votes 

Corey Warner 2,315 votes 

George St. Clair 2,091 votes 

Scotts Valley Water District 

Three incumbents and one newcomer are up for three seats. Bill Ekwall, newcomer, is projected to win, along with two other incumbents. 

Wm. Bill Ekwall 1,4237 votes 

Wade Leishman 1,250 votes 

Ruth Stiles 1,213 votes 

Dave Hodgin 1,189 votes

San Lorenzo Valley Water District 

All three newcomers are projected to win over the three incumbents. Three seats were open. 

Bob Fultz 3,635 votes 

Lois Henry 3,466 votes 

Steve Swan 3,443 votes 

Gene Ratcliffe 2,697 votes 

Chuck Baughman 2,477 votes 

John Hayes 2,468 votes 

Measure A- Scotts Valley Educational Parcel Tax

Projected to pass, needs to meet 2/3 threshold to pass. 

Yes 67.67%

No 32.33%

Measure G- Sales Tax in SC County

Projected to pass.

Yes 63.33%

No 36.67%

Measure N-Hotel Tax Scotts Valley

Projected to pass.

Yes 67.17%

No 32.84%

Measure H-Affordable Housing Bond

Projected to not pass. Needed to meet a 2/3 approval.

Yes 52.18%

No 47.82%

All election results are unofficial until the vote is certified by the Registrar of Voters, a process that could take several weeks. 

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