Steven Horlock runs for city council in Scotts Valley

editor's note: 

 After our feature story on candidate Steven Horlock was published on Wednesday August 8, he withdrew his nomination as of August 10 at 12:30 p.m.

However, another potential candidate Derek Timm did submit his intent to run. Look for another candidate profile in the August 17 edition. And continue to stay tuned for our election coverage.

The original story can be read below: 

Many are familiar with Steven Horlock the hairdresser and a bocce player but few are aware of his political ambitions, until now. Horlock, a Scotts Valley native, is running for city council in November. 

With no prior experience in local government or politics, Horlock faces an uphill battle during November’s election for city council. According to his website, Horlock’s motivation to run for city council is, “it is far past time to add new blood, new ideas and new thinking to the Council’s pool of creative action."

    Horlock has been a hairdresser in Scotts Valley for 30 years while maintaining a steady presence in local activities such as bocce, and dressing up as ‘Steve the Pirate’ in the annual Fourth of July Parade. Along with these, Horlock has been an appointee to the Scotts Valley Planning Commission, an appointee to the Code Enforcement Appeals Board, President of the Scotts Valley Exchange Club and member of the Chamber of Commerce.

    “People who have been in government for a long period have a tendency to view issues in a more narrow perspective and may get a little bit complacent," Horlock said. “If I get elected to this position, one of my goals is to get younger people involved in city council and local government.”

    While city growth and proposals to construct new housing units in Scotts Valley remain controversial, Horlock believes they should be implemented gradually over time.

    “I’m not a proponent of no growth, but it is time to slow things down and look at the bigger picture," Horlock said. “Being right next to Silicon Valley, we can have growth anytime we want. We have already had a lot of growth, so it is time to let it settle and then we can weigh our options. We can grow Scotts Valley as long as we have infrastructure and water.”

    Measure-U, approved in 2013, increased the city’s sales tax from 8.25 percent to 8.75 percent and has been a big issue among the council. 

    “From what I hear, people are tired of having taxes continually going up," Horlock said. “People don’t get pay increases and I don’t think it is fair to throw a tax increase out there every time the city needs money. At this particular time, I would be opposed to it.”

    Horlock is a proponent of gradually growing and utilizing the city’s proximity to the Silicon Valley. He believes that growth is inevitable, but must be done steadily and with caution.

    “The cost of living is constantly going up. That is a byproduct of living right next to Silicon Valley. I want to be aware of the bigger picture and take a more long term approach to our growth as a city,” Horlock said.

    Implementing and helping young people become active in local government is an idea he hopes to promote using his platform. With this, he hopes they will bring a fresh perspective on issues within the city council.

    “I want to bring new energy into the city council. I thought there would be younger people to step up and run,” Horlock said. “I would love to see that as a city council they are encouraging young people to be more involved.”

    Horlock hopes to bring a fresh different and new ideas if elected to the City Council. While he has no major campaign events planned yet, Horlock said to stay tuned for more information on his recently launched website:

    “The people of Scotts Valley should vote for me because I am grounded, focused, experienced, have a great vision, and I will bring good things to this city.”

Horlock will be running against current Scotts Valley Mayor Jim Reed and current city council member Stephany Aguilar for two, four-year term positions.

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