Scotts Valley is a wonderful town.  There are so many reasons why all of us live here and I’m certain that safety is on everyone’s list.  Unfortunately, our great police department is challenged with higher wages offered elsewhere that makes it difficult for them to retain good talent right here.  Plus, it’s difficult for an officer to afford to live here.   We need to come up with several solutions to remedy what the city council calls a budget crisis. 

Measure Z is marketed to put fear in us so that we just say yes to a sales tax increase as the remedy.  If this measure passes, it puts Scotts Valley at 9.75% sales tax for 12 years.  That’s up from the current 9%.  Think about it.  Is this good for local business?  Don’t be afraid to ask local retailers.  I sure did.  Is this good for your family budget?  I’m finding it harder to afford to stay here.  Will you go elsewhere or on-line to shop for goods you currently buy locally? 

How did the city council allow the budget to turn into a crisis?  Have they thoroughly examined every detail behind all line items?  Have they thoroughly lobbied with the county and state?  Are they totally out of options?  Is a sales tax increase the only solution? Or is it the easiest one?  They don’t explain this on their website or any voter information.

We can all agree that cutting back on safety is not an option.  But a sales tax increase is not the right answer for this town to remain safe.  Let’s all vote NO on measure Z and challenge the city council to find the money a better way. I’m confident that we can.  

Joe Bac

Scotts Valley

As a retired economic development professional, I have, for the 30 years I’ve lived in Santa Cruz, recognized the value that Cabrillo College and its wonderful programs provide to the Santa Cruz community, including its youth, employers and businesses.  Cabrillo has been training our healthcare, hospitality and tech workers. With the passage of Measure R, Cabrillo will also be training our local fire fighters and police, which will save taxpayer dollars by keeping training local. I have served on Cabrillo Foundation’s committees and have also learned about the programs and resources being made available to returning veterans, as well as providing students the tools to qualify them to transfer to a 4-year university. With all of this in mind, I encourage voters in Santa Cruz County to invest in one of the top drivers of our local economy. Vote Yes on Measure R.  

Ceil Cirillo

I listened to John Leopold say he was going to address affordable housing and in the next breath say vote yes on R. He's speaking out of both sides of his mouth; you can't have both. Measure R will excessively raise property taxes until the year 2052 which makes ALL housing cost more to everyone. If you really want to address our affordability problem in this county, start with getting rid of those who think raising taxes is okay, but still say we need more affordable housing. Every single Democrat group has endorsed Yes on R and can't seem to figure out why it costs so much to live here. Enough is enough! Vote NO on R and No on Leopold!

Kristen Collishaw, Scotts Valley

Why I love Cabrillo College and support Measure R, a proud student

At age 65, I am not your typical college student. I have been taking courses at Cabrillo for more than a decade for professional development and personal interest. The professors have all been excellent teachers who care deeply about their students.

What impresses me most about Cabrillo is that it is a place of transformation.

I have met students who were the first of their families to go to college. I am inspired by the energy of students investing in new careers such as chefs, nurses and film makers. I know many for whom a 4-year degree would be beyond their financial means, but they can succeed by studying for two years at Cabrillo and then transferring to a university.

One of the most telling predictors of whether a child will attend college is whether their parents graduated from college. The determination to attend Cabrillo reflects not only a transformation in the lives of the current students, but also for future generations.

Measure R will raise funds desperately needed for Cabrillo’s future. Three key benefits are a new science building with labs for 21st century careers, a new public safety training center for police officers and firefighters, and modernization of 50-year-old classrooms to replace outdated technology.

The Cabrillo vision arose from our community. It was built and sustained through community support. We are richer for it. Cabrillo has been instrumental in fostering an educated workforce for local businesses. It offers local kids an option for personal development, a pathway to good careers and responsible citizenship. It contributes to local cultural life through programs in music and the arts.

Join me in supporting Measure R, to protect the future of Cabrillo

Doug Warrilow, Scotts Valley

I changed my mind about Cabrillo

Four years ago, I was the Cabrillo professor who argued against my college’s bond. I thought it didn’t make sense, and that leadership didn’t understand the needs of our community.

But Measure R, Cabrillo’s current bond effort, is different. College President Matt Wetstein has done the work to align this bond with real, urgent needs. And he has earned the trust and support of the whole college.

Cabrillo College is a community treasure. An investment in upgraded facilities for science and technology, public safety, and a 21st learning environment is an investment in our future.

Please join me in support of Measure R

Ray Kaupp, Ben Lomond

I have known Nancy and her family for close to two decades. During that time, I’ve come to know her as smart, thoughtful, and community-minded, with strong family values. More recently, I learned about her depth of experience as a Public Defender for 34 years, and now as Assistant County Counsel. Nancy has logged over 7,000 hours in court, interacting with judges and jurors, lawyers and citizens, and protecting the integrity of the system. She is endorsed by Sheriff Hart, multiple judges, lawyers from the Public Defenders and District Attorney’s offices, local law enforcement, and social workers, all of whom represent different agendas in the legal system. This demonstrates respect for her day-in and day-out local courtroom experience, which sets her apart from the other candidates. In addition, she brings much-needed diversity to the bench. Please join me in voting for Nancy de la Peña for Superior Court Judge.

Judi Sherman

Ben Lomond

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