Two months ago in the September 25, 2015, edition of the Press-Banner, I appealed to my friends and the people of the San Lorenzo and ScottsValley on behalf of my daughter, Nicole Poduru. She was clinging to life in a Boise hospital as a result of a major stroke suffered just four days after her graduation from law school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the editor and people of the Press-Banner for their wonderful help in getting her situation out to the public and my friends of this great community. I would, above all, like to thank the many friends and even strangers, who are now most certainly friends, who contributed in a variety of ways to saving my daughter's life.

Whether monetarily, spiritually, or even with a much-needed daily dose of cheerleading and encouragement, you are all heroes in my eyes and in my heart. You make me proud to stand up and say I was raised and live in an area such as this, with the many differences in the people who live here, where people can put aside their differences and find it in their hearts to reach out and help one of their own in times of tragedy.

Nikki is doing better. With God's help and the continued thoughts and prayers of a remarkable community such as this, I can only smile and acknowledge that miracles do truly happen and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My wishes and prayers go out to every one of you and the only gift that I deem worthy enough to give you is my hope for peace, health and happiness to you all throughout the holidays and for the rest of your lives. Again, THANK YOU for giving me back my daughter.

Llewellyn Blaire Burt


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