Upon arriving in the office Monday morning, March 8, I read a significant number of e-mails about our choice to publish pictures of the Felton home where Deanna Dudley was tragically killed on Feb. 28.

In fact, I completely missed an interview at San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School (my elementary alma mater) as I pored over thoughts from many of you.

On the front page of the March 5 edition of the San Lorenzo Valley Press-Banner, we published the scene of the home with caution tape around it and a picture of a cardboard box with blood on it.

This is a tragedy of the most difficult kind, and those involved should be treated with respect.

We published the photos of the crime scene because the story is not a happy one. The photos illustrated what we found at the scene when we visited the next day, and it’s the scene that anyone who walked past could have observed.

That being said, we would not publish photos more graphic than these. We realize there is a fine line between telling the story and satisfying lewd curiosity. We will continue to work to tell stories in a tasteful and informative manner. And if I am personally presented with a similar situation, I will be sensitive to the related issues and make a decision that takes into consideration the people who are most vulnerable.

I am open to hearing your thoughts on this subject. Choosing what to publish in the paper each week is not a mathematical equation with a logical answer. Sometimes, these decisions are difficult.


Peter Burke, editor

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