Don’t dismiss FAA flight failure


In response to Jack Young and Shawn Cronin. I thought people, like our representatives, had become aware enough at this point to stop criticizing those of us suffering from the FAA's Next Gen failure. Thousands across the country have been impacted significantly by this change. Here's the math Mr. Young & Cronin: 150+ flights a day/night over a never seen before concentration of flight paths and elevations with unprecedented noise levels, an 8%-30% drop in property values, loss of sleep, and an increase in stress, and anxiety. There is no "idling" and the air brake decibel levels are certainly not "slight". All this with actually an INCREASE in emissions, fuel, and no change in flight delays.

There is no agency set up to hold the FAA accountable any longer which has allowed for fast-tracking policies for funding as well as no consideration for the lives of people on the ground, only air transportation. The FAA has told communities, like ours, all over the country that Next Gen would create "no impact" for those living under the new flight paths. There were no thorough environmental impact reports.

This has been a life changing event for thousands and is a nation-wide issue. Clearly you've not lived under this constant, extreme disruption or have educated yourselves on what's really taking place. It is your aggressive ignorance that has caused me to feel disgust and not be able to stay quiet any longer.

Instead of criticizing us you should be supporting us as well a asking yourselves who is complaining and who is testifying? Believe it or not Mr. Young, it is possible to focus attention on other important local and national issues while fighting for a more fair and shared burden of air traffic noise. To suggest otherwise is, again, ignorant and insulting.

Michael Leimbach, Scotts Valley

The campaign for strengthening our libraries

Dear Editor,

Have you heard? Our 10 branch public library system is now in official campaign mode. We are so excited to have this opportunity to work on passing the June 7th ballot measure that, with a YES vote, will mean strengthening our ten libraries located throughout the county.

Locally, for the Scotts Valley branch this means replacing the worn outdated roof, designing a sound buffering for teen homework area, and reorienting the entrance for the future town center development.

San Lorenzo Valley's Boulder Creek branch will replace the roof, heater, redo the bathrooms for ADA access and redesign the entrance area to enhance the popular book display area.

For the Felton Branch, the measure will realize the long time goal of building a new 21st century Felton branch library located on land donated by the Verutti family next to the Post Office.

So what is happening? A county-wide campaign is underway and is working to bring all 10 branches of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries into the 21st century. Each area in the county has a committee working to get the message out. In SLV, a committee is planning neighborhood coffees and town hall meetings, presenting to local groups, seeking endorsements, volunteers, and campaign donations. The SV committee is underway and working hard to ensure that voters understand the importance of supporting our libraries.

Can you join us in making this happen? This is the next step in the development of a vibrant 21st century library system. To endorse, volunteer, or support this measure, go to

Nancy Gerdt, Felton Library Friends

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