Dear trustees,

1) SLVSD is responsible for education. Housing is not under your jurisdiction

2) Dept. of Education ranks California schools near the bottom of the nation

3) There has been only 1 contested election among 17 trustee ballot opportunities since 2002. (2016 data V.P. Nov)

4) Trustees resign after the deadline to register to run before their term is up, therefore the board appoints George Wiley said he intends to do so by intentionally avoiding elections, the district saves money. My vote has no price!

5) This means we the people didn’t really elect some of you.

6) South County Housing Project in Felton was rejected by the people of the SLV due to:

A) Infrastructure concerns D) Property Valves Fall

B) Traffic E) Environmental Issues

C) Water Shortage F) Costs to tax papers

7) SLVSD has failed to properly maintain the redwood campus. How could we expect you to maintain a low-income housing project? Former superintendent Haff denied use of the multipurpose room stating the roof was in a state of disrepair. The group requested use under the maintenance assessment district contract.

8) Do you plan to extend the housing project to the other parcel you took by eminent domain for a future H.S. and Middle School, how many units will that be?

9) Did Mountain Resource Center ever fully pay for the SLVSD office building in Felton? Id like verification if yes.

10) Everyone should be treated equally. Low income is low income regardless of whether you’re a teacher or any other profession. Many people in SLV earn less than the 53K starting salary of Teachers.

Denese Matthes, Boulder Creek

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