My husband and I are not in favor of the Scotts Valley Town Green as it is planned. The ability to mitigate the impact on our roads and other infrastructures cannot be adequately addressed. We simply do not have enough main outlet roads to service the additional population.

The height of buildings proposed on a project of this scale would be overwhelming. We also feel the orange netting used in other cities that allow you to see the physical size and height of a project should be required. When I talked to the developers, they were willing to install the orange netting, but said Scotts Valley did not require it. It is hard for people to visualize just how high and massive this project would be upon completion. 

The proposed one-acre Town Green is much too small. The idea of a large garden meeting area is great but needs to be much larger. This property is a very important puzzle piece to the entire area. We should require a product that is something to be proud of that you would want to frequent. As it is planned now, it is a high-density project, with minimal retail. That does not constitute a town Center. This proposed project is nothing more than another housing development. 

It is so important to build a project that adds to Scotts Valley, not takes away from our small town feel. We only have one chance to get this right. The developer’s priority may not be what is in the best interest of our quaint town. We have to ask ourselves is this truly the best way to utilize this property? We feel it is not!

When you review the feedback from the open house meetings, the residents overwhelmingly feel it's too large, both in height and footprint. This project will impact all of Scotts Valley ie... schools, roads, police, fire, etc. We all say we want Scotts Valley to keep its small town feel, now is the time to prove that, by building a project that blends with the surrounding retail buildings and displays great architectural appeal, not an industrial look!

Thank you for your time. 


Stan & Cathy Herteman

Chris & Misty Tousseau

Dusty & Bobbie Herteman

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