Scotts Valley is pleased to welcome a new Target store in the coming years. The store will be located in a former Kmart building in the Scotts Valley Square Shopping Center.

“Target will complement and catalyze our local businesses while providing our

community with access to a world class retailer,” said Mayor Randy Johnson. “For years this has been a top priority for our community and today we can say we are delivering it.”

After the closure of Kmart, the Scotts Valley City Council prioritized efforts to fill the vacant space and appointed Vice Mayor Derek Timm as the Council lead on the City’s Kmart Replacement Strategy. The City worked with commercial brokers and the owner of the shopping center to develop leads, but Target was always the ideal retailer.

“The City has aimed for this exact retailer for years, with special focus after the closure of Kmart last year,” stated Vice Mayor Timm. “This presents an incredible opportunity for Scotts Valley and the Town Center vision, and is truly a game-changer for our City.”

“We are thrilled to have Target open its doors in our shopping center,” stated Kevin Pratt, owner of the Scotts Valley Square Shopping Center, “Target will be a tremendous addition to the north Santa Cruz County retail options and I look forward to the many positive benefits it will create for other Scotts Valley businesses.”

The City envisions this shopping center being connected and integrated with the future Town Center, a thriving mixed-use district where locals and visitors are drawn to unique shopping, dining, and recreational experiences. With strong connections to adjacent civic, residential and commercial centers, the Town Center will be a destination where the community gathers together to relax, play, work and interact. Target’s choice of this location will complement and invigorate these efforts.

The Scotts Valley Square Shopping Center is in the planning phase for improvements to enhance the center.

“Recent economic challenges have highlighted the importance of a thriving and

supported local business sector,” Mayor Johnson noted. “Target is an essential part of a broader community-driven effort to revitalize our economy and provide essential services to Scotts Valley.”

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