For many years, Aunt LaLi’s Mobile Café has been an integral part of Arcangeli’s birthday parties.  While a cog was recently thrown into the party wheel, the family knew they simply they could not break from tradition for Bobby’s thirteenth birthday this year.  Drive by birthday’s are becoming the new norm, so it was quickly decided for Aunt LaLi to head the parade and provide socially distanced ice cream to all of the participants.  The party was a “so heartwarming and a big success,” and the Press Banner wishes Bobby a very happy birthday!

This outside-of-the-box instance is just one of the many ways that LaLi is “pivoting” her 15 year-old business during shelter-in-place. LaLi chooses to “be optimistic during these times,” and focus on the “people who are really stepping up.”  She is definitely among them!  For now, “Food Trucks A Go Go is on hiatus till bans are lifted and we can have events.”  On the bright side, Aunt LaLi’s Ice Cream Truck, is “pivoting to a new business model.”  This means on top of the regular selection of 40+ ice cream treats, they’ve also added in quarts of Marianne’s ice cream and this week they’ll begin selling other local products as well, including Ashby’s Confections, Pacific Cookie Company Cookies, Hidden Fortress Coffee, and Frozen Rogue Pyes. With these additional goods, she’s “added a little something for everyone, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a snack.  If this means staying in business, supporting our community, and encouraging one less trip to the market, I’m in!”

In order to make her goods safely accessible, LaLi has also started an online ordering system, where you can place, schedule, and pay for an order without any physical contact and receive your ice cream, or other goods, only hours after.  She’s been recently serving to small groups of friends at socially distanced gatherings and is happy to find that her customers “are full of kindness and generosity of spirit and support, when they join together.”

Aunt LaLi is glad to “live in a really sweet community.” This upcoming week, she’s excited to start sweetening other communities as well.  On top of a new delivery system and products, Aunt LaLi will widen her delivery range to Felton and Santa Cruz, helping others access her products as well!  You can visit Aunt LaLi’s Ice Cream Truck virtually at or order a contact-free delivery at   

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