The San Lorenzo Valley Cougars boys golf team had a split week, topping Soquel at home on April 22 at the Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club, and facing a tough Aptos team on April 26 on its home Seascape Golf Course.

The Cougars (6-7), defeated the Knights of Soquel High 200 to 242. The April 26 match was won by Aptos with a score of 193 to 240 for SLV.

At Aptos, Max Meltzer of Aptos was the medalist, with a one-under-par 34 for the 9 holes played.

April 26


Jeffrey Lee         39

Max Meltzer       34

Drew Stillwell     42                             

Noah Clark         39

Johnny Staka     39

Santiago Renteria  (Competed, score not used)

Team total: 193


Taj Yanez          46

J. T. Matsuoka   44

David George     46                         

Blake Kuehl      51

Logan Heinen    53

Blaise Parker     (Competed, score not used)

Team total: 240

The San Lorenzo Valley Cougar Boy’s golf team (6-6), defeated the Knights of Soquel High in a match Thursday at the Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club by a score of 200 to 242.

At Boulder Creek Taj Yanez was the medalist with a 9-hole score of 34

April 22


Taj Yanez        34

J. T. Matsuoka  39

David George     39

Blaise Parker      44

Blake Kuehl      44

Tyler Dawson  (competed, score not used)

Team total: 200

Soquel Knights

Anna De Los Santos     47

Michael Vasquez           52

Kobi Cook                   48

Nick Rose                  43

Cole Schomer           52

Shane Baxter  (competed, score not used)

Team total: 242

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