Scotts Valley power lifter sets national records

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Fifteen-year-old Christian Rebottaro, a Scotts Valley resident, recently set California and National records at his first powerlifting competition, the Raw Collegiate Nationals at San Jose State.

Rebottaro, a sophomore transfer from Scotts Valley High School to Monte Vista Christian High School, is a varsity-level football player and wrestler.

Defensive lineman of the football team, and Central Coast Section qualifier in heavyweight wrestling, Rebottaro says he gravitated towards powerlifting because of his training for other sports.

Rebottaro works out for an average of 5 to 6 hours per day, squeezing in workouts before, during and after school.

“He’s very durable,” said Rebottaro’s father, Steve Rebottaro.

One of the many places he trains is at Core Strength Gym in Scotts Valley, with Derrick Stockton.

According to Stockton’s records, Rebottaro set California State records in four powerlifting categories.

Rebottaro squatted 413 lbs, benched 281 lbs, deadlift 440 lbs and had a total of 1117 lbs lifted, all California State records.

However, the 15-year-old powerlifter did not stop there.

He also set two new national records in the squat and bench categories. He beat the previous national record of squatting 402 lbs, with 413 lbs, then he outmatched the bench press record of 226 lbs by benching 281 lbs.

“We have a gym at home, and he just gravitated toward it,” said Steve Rebottaro.

Among his many accomplishments, Rebottaro won the California State Freestyle Cadet heavyweight wrestling competition and will be attending an elite wrestling camp this summer in Fargo, North Dakota.

Christian Rebottaro said that he finds solace in the balance between football and wrestling.

“In football, I love being a part of the team, and having that camaraderie with the guys,” he said. “But I also like wrestling because I can rely on myself.”

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