Aleeza Khan, Third place, 10th-12th grades

From the Celebrate Tracy Youth Photo Contest — 10th-12th grades series

11th grade, Mountain House High

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Aleeza Khan

For this prompt, I decided to shoot in black and white. I wanted to showcase a day of my life in Tracy, but without distracting colors to take away from the essence of the photo. In this series, I am describing a typical weekend. I often begin my day at the gym and fill up on gas from the neighboring gas station afterwards. With a free rest of the day, I spend my time with friends or family. The second photo is of my cousin outside the Ariana Market in downtown Tracy right before we went in to buy halal meat and mango juice. After a trip to the market, my cousin and I strolled through downtown, buying a new guitar capo from Main Street Music. We ended our walk back near the market, outside the Grand Theatre, the subject of my third photo.

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