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The Tracy Unified School District Board of Education’s new officers are, from left, Clerk Nathalia Hughes Erskine, President Ameni Alexander and Vice President Zachary Hoffert.

The Tracy Unified School District Board of Education selected Trustee Ameni Alexander as the new board president on Tuesday, supporting his selection on a unanimous vote.

Selection of board officers was the first matter of business at Tuesday’s regular meeting, and in addition to selecting Alexander as president, the board unanimously selected Zachary Hoffert as vice president and Nathalia Hughes Erskine as clerk. They will serve in those positions through 2022.

Alexander was elected to the school board in 2018, and this is his first time as a board officer. Hughes Erskine and Hoffert were elected to the board in 2020 and also take on their first assignments as board officers.

Alexander said at the end of his first meeting as president that his goal is to make district staff feel comfortable coming to the board to talk about how to make TUSD a better school district.

“I would like to open a dialogue with all of the teachers, the unions, the administrators and the superintendent, because we are all in this together. We are all working to make our district the best possible,” he said.

Alexander has been on the board’s Budget Committee, the Charter Schools Committee and the City Schools Liaison Committee committees, board-council committee and charter committee. As board president he works with district superintendent Brian Stephens, and new Superintendent Rob Pecot, come July, to create the agendas for meetings, which are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

In addition to presiding over the meetings, the president is the official representative of the seven-member board for all actions taken, and orders and resolutions signed. He is also the board’s official representative in the community, a role he expects to embrace.

“I’m on a lot of committees, so I’d like to be able to use that to talk to people in the community that have influence, people that can really make a difference, and see if I get them to pull behind the school district,” he said. “Maybe we can put money into these programs or put money into scholarships for our students. Just addressing the basic needs of what we can do.”

He also stressed the importance of the elected policy-makers’ relationships with the district’s 1,370 employees and more than 14,000 students and their parents.

“If our employees are happy, they’ll perform better. I’ve always felt like if we can get them to feel like we care about them, they’ll come to us and say, ‘I’ve got this problem here. Can we talk?’ We’ll talk about it.”

He added that in his three years on the board he has enjoyed working with district staff and expects that positive relationship to continue.

“Our administrators here are really good. I look forward to working with Dr. Pecot. We’re so lucky to have him as superintendent going forward in the future,” he said. “I hope with Nathalia and Zach, we’ll be able to work together and accomplish some great things.”

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