A 338-unit apartment complex is planned for the southern end of Mountain House, right on the north side of Interstate 205.

The San Joaquin County Planning Commission endorsed the project on Thursday, and the project now moves forward to the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors for approval of a general plan and specific plan amendment.

Mountain House Specific Plan III, approved by the board of supervisors in 2005, proposed that the 32.9 acres on the north side of Interstate 205 allow for up to 502,000 square feet of light industrial development. The amendments were needed to rezone that land into 16 acres to be used for mixed use, and 16.9 acres to be used for high-density residential development.

The mixed use would include 64 houses and 105,000 square feet of commercial space on the western 16-acre portion, owned by seven individuals and represented by Mike Sandhu, and high-density residential development for the eastern 16.9-acre portion, owned by GKG Mountain House Investors, LLC, and represented by Grupe Investment Company.

A study from earlier this year showed that while there is still demand for industrial development in the area, that development tends to go south of Interstate 205, where Tracy’s Prologis International Park of Commerce is being developed. Meanwhile demand has risen for varied types of housing, including rentals that would be more affordable than new home purchases.

The proposed apartment complex would consist of 18 three-story buildings with a total of 338 apartments, including 122 one-bedroom units, 156 two-bedroom units, and 60 three-bedroom units. It would also have a clubhouse with a pools, spa, business center and fitness center as well as sports courts, barbecue areas, dog parks and playgrounds.

The medium-density homes would be on lots of about 3,600 square feet. The entire development would be just south of the San Joaquin Delta College Mountain House campus, and could also end up being close to a Valley Link commuter rail station, depending on the alignment that Valley Link eventually choses for its rail line.

The San Joaquin County Planning Commission endorsed the project on a 5-0 vote with no public opposition and little discussion. Commissioner Jass Sangha, who represents the Fifth Supervisorial District, including Mountain House and Tracy, noted that San Joaquin Delta College and the Mountain House Community Services District support the project.

“Logically it makes sense, a practical project, very neatly done with one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom,” she said. “Being in my district I would strong recommend to approve it.”

Commission chairman James Grunsky also said it looks like a good project.

“More housing in San Joaquin County, I think we’ve all been for that consistently up here on this commission, so I think it’s an excellent project.”

Mountain House continues to move closer to incorporation as a city, and in the meantime a project like this is still under county jurisdiction, with county planning staff taking the lead role in reviewing the plans.

David James, the Community Development Director for the Mountain House Community Services District, said that the CSD staff has still been involved in the planning process as the development will eventually fall under the jurisdiction of the new municipal government.

“The county had looped us in,” James said. “We participated in most or all of the design review.”

He added that the CSD staff is supportive of the project. While the developers and county planning staff were set to make Thursday’s presentation to the county planning commission, James said he planned to be available through the meeting’s virtual link in case anyone had questions for him regarding how the project fit in with the overall development of Mountain House.

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