Despite Mickey McGuire’s intense protestations, it is patently obvious to most Americans that Joe Biden’s incessant attacks upon the American oil industry have had a disastrous effect on gas prices.

When confronted with Biden’s policies and their effects, McGuire responds the same way nearly every time, saying the factors affecting these problems are complex and it’s not Biden’s fault. That response is a joke.

On his first day in office, Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline that would have shipped more than 700,000 barrels of oil per day to the U.S. Now, as gas prices have soared, Biden has gone like a beggar with a tin cup to Canada, Saudi Arabia and even Venezuela pleading for more oil. And they have turned him down. Tough luck.

Besides killing the Keystone XL pipeline, stopping drilling in Alaska, causing drilling permits on federal lands to drop by 80 percent, raising drilling fees on public lands, Biden nominated to the Federal Reserve Board an anti-oil industry person who wanted to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry.

If McGuire were honest with the Press readers, he would admit that Biden is a captive of the global warming crowd that believes we’re going to die from climate change and wants to destroy the fossil fuel industry to save us.

On April 18, the Biden Administration said it was still committed to eliminating fossil fuels – and McGuire denies reality. This is the Biden gas price hike.

Oh, and I have one last question for McGuire and local Democrats: Now that the New York Times has confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop is genuine, how does it feel to have voted for the head of the Biden crime family, the most corrupt president in U.S. history?

Joe Walker, Tracy

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