Evan Hollis

Evan Hollis

Despite playing his high school baseball in the relatively small market city of Tracy, Delta Charter’s Evan Hollis is not afraid to dream big.

A fifth generation Tracy native, Hollis was recently selected to the Trosky National Class of 2025 team after an outstanding first season with the Dragons. The 15-year-old stands at 6 feet tall and is a pitcher.

Hollis played for the varsity team as a freshman in the 21-22 season and pitched two no hitters en route to the Dragons finishing with a 6-5 (4-2 Mountain Valley League) record. The prestigious Trosky Baseball organization took notice after seeing some of Hollis’ highlight tapes.

The mission of the program is to develop complete student athletes on and off the field. As well as high level training, they provide the selected players with access to college recruitment opportunities and guidance throughout the process.

Hollis has been playing baseball since the age of five. As for most kids who start a sport that early, his ultimate dream is to pitch in the majors. However, for Hollis, the route to Major League Baseball (MLB) is now clearly mapped out.

“I see this (Trosky selection) as a stepping-stone to where I want to go,” Hollis told the Tracy Press. “To finally be seen by scouts is amazing. The organization has helped me with that and the coaching staff all have experience in the MLB, so the advice I receive from them is invaluable.”

The Trosky program boasts an excellent track record of pushing talents all the way up to the college level and beyond. Since 2011, they have produced over 700 college commits and 131 MLB Draft picks. They are one of the nation’s top youth baseball programs.

“It means everything to be selected to play for such a talented team and to compete at the highest level for my age group,” Hollis continued. “Being able to compete with this team and against the best talent and competition is absolutely inspiring.”

Hollis’ beginnings took place around a decade ago with the local Tracy Babe Ruth youth baseball program. That’s where his love for baseball grew after he and his best friend joined together. Slowly but surely, his uncontainable energy while throwing baseballs around the house transformed into passion and a life goal.

Standing out there on the mound is a feeling like no other for Hollis. It takes a special type of mindset to handle all the pressure and emotion that comes with being the center of attention. Very often, words can’t do it justice. That feeling is now following Hollis off the field too.

“Pitching has always come natural to me,” he said. “There’s something about controlling the game that I love. There’s something about being on the field that I can’t get enough of.”

The highest level of success in sports cannot be achieved unless what you do becomes almost like an obsession. Rarely will you see someone reach the summit while treating sport like a hobby. For Hollis, baseball is a way of life now. There is only one goal that will fully satisfy his craving.

However, there are still a few years to go before the Tracyite can take another step towards his desired destination. Three more years of high school baseball remain before it’s time to make crucial college decisions – something he hopes Trosky will assist with.

For now, Hollis’ goal is to stay healthy and keep working hard in high school. The next level is a personal goal, but it is also where the Dragons would like to get to as a collective. Hollis could be the guy to lead them there.

• Contact Arion Armeniakos at aarmeniakos@tracypress.com, or call 209-830-4229.

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