Two more contracts for Tracy’s new homeless shelter gained city council approval on Tuesday.

On a unanimous consent calendar vote, the Tracy City Council agreed to spend $451,786 on the high-tension membrane structure that will serve as the 68-bed Arbor Avenue shelter, and also $550,000 to purchase 10 repurposed shipping containers that will serve as pre-manufactured structures.

The council authorized the purchase of the Sprung structure in May, and Tuesday’s decision was the actual purchase of the 6,300-square-foot structure from Sprung Instant Structures, Inc. It follows a $2 million contract from April with Grade Tech Inc. of San Ramon to prepare the 4.8-acre site at 370 W. Arbor Ave.

The council also approved the purchase on Tuesday of 10 repurposed shipping containers from Linked Equipment, Inc., of Phoenix, Ariz., or $550,000. Those will be converted into two restroom structures, two shower structures, one laundry structure to house four sets of washers and dryers, three 20-foot operations storage units, one structure to hold two 100-gallon water heaters and electrical equipment, and one 40-foot storage structure with three roll-up doors.

The structures will be pre-manufactured, inspected by the state Department of Housing and Community Development and delivered to the site where they will be mounted on their foundations and ready for use once they are connected to city utilities.

The city must next award a contract for further site improvements to create the foundations and extend utilities for the 68-bed Sprung structure and the utility buildings. The city has a budget of just over $10 million for the shelter project, with about $6.6 million still available.

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