From April 13, when Planned Parenthood Mar Monte opened its drive-up clinic at McKinley Elementary School, through Monday, the local clinic had 2,708 patients, and 179 of those tests came back positive.

Roza Fray, director of quality management and nursing for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, said the rate of confirmed infections locally grew in July, with about 12% of tests coming back positive, compared with a 7% positivity rate statewide.

Testing statewide has increased steadily. Fewer than 4,000 tests were done most days during the first half of May, but by late June, 25 times that many were being tested. The state tested more than 100,000 people per day on 15 of the first 27 days in July, including a peak of 137,766 people on July 12.

The number of people testing positive in the state peaked on July 21 (12,807) and has declined in the week since, with 6,000 people testing positive on Monday. That’s the smallest number of positive results in a single day since July 4. More than 8,000 people tested positive on 16 of the first 27 days in July

The number of confirmed infections in San Joaquin County reached 11,081 on Tuesday, having nearly tripled over the course of a month from the 4,302 infections reported July 1. That includes 133 deaths, up from 54 as of July 1.

As of Tuesday, 247 people were hospitalized in San Joaquin County, up from 148 at the start of the month. Sutter Tracy Community Hospital was at capacity with 38 patients in the hospital, including 15 who had tested positive for the coronavirus, and seven of those were in the intensive care unit.

Since the start of the pandemic, 832 Tracy residents have tested positive for the coronavirus. The city’s population is estimated at 93,000.

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