Covid -19

Statistical information from the San Joaquin County and California public health departments affirm that new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise. The state and county had recovered from summertime peaks of coronavirus infections, but after reaching new lows in mid-October, those numbers began to rise again.

At the same time, deaths from COVID-19 had leveled off, and so far have not seen the same increases as in new cases and hospitalizations.

Hospitalizations in San Joaquin County for COVID-19 reached 83 people in the county’s seven hospitals as of Tuesday. Hospitalizations had peaked on July 27 at 262, and were down to 23 people in the hospital on Oct. 23 before they began to rise again.

The seven-day average for new cases was up to 155 cases per-day as of Tuesday after they had leveled at about 50 cases per-day between late September and mid-October, the lowest it had been since early June. New cases per-day peaked in mid-July when the seven-day average was about 314 new cases per-day, and again in mid-August when new cases peaked again at an average of about 330 new cases per-day.

There have been 10 COVID-19 deaths in the county so far during the month of November, with no deaths at all in the county during the first week of the month.

New cases statewide have been climbing since early October. As of Tuesday the seven-day average had passed 9,000, the highest since mid-August when the state was coming down from a second summertime peak. The seven-day average reached about 10,000 in late July and about 9,700 in mid-August, and then declined until the seven-day average for new cases had dipped below 3,000 in early October, the lowest it had been since mid-June.

The number of hospitalizations across the state totaled 5,078 confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, marking a steady rise since Oct. 24, when hospitalizations reached their lowest point, 2,969. Hospitalizations peaked on July 21 at 8,820 confirmed and suspected cases.

Deaths from COVID-19 have leveled off, and have been hovering at a seven-day average of about 40 deaths per-day since late October. The seven-day average came down from a peak of about 140 deaths per-day in early August. Single-day deaths in the state peaked at 219 on July 31.

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