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Matthew Woodruff, a general supply specialist, is one of the essential employees of the Tracy-based DLA Distribution San Joaquin continuing on the job as the depot balances its response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic with providing ongoing support for U.S. Armed Forces.

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin reports that it’s providing ongoing direct support to the Defense Department’s COVID-19 efforts to support the military services as well as other federal agencies.

According to a depot spokesperson, the Tracy-based depot continues to “track and act on urgent customer orders” that have included unitized group rations, heat-and-serve meals, filtering air masks, respirators, face shields and towelette wipes.

With many day care centers, including the one at DLA Distribution San Joaquin, closed by efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of depot employees are working at home while staying with their children.

Employees who can telework are taking advantage of ways of accomplishing that within the guideless established by DLA headquarters, reported a media release from the depot. Other employees, deemed essential to depot operations, are remaining on the job.

Matthew Woodruff, a general supply specialist, is one of the essential employees.

“I am a third-generation in my family to work at the depot and this isn’t just a job to me, but my family’s legacy to service this great country,” he said.

In a message to employees, the depot commander, Marine Col. Tiffany Harris, reminded them that “this trying time is a team effort” for the depot leadership team, local AFGE union and employees.

The media release noted that the DLA facility is working with the U.S. Northern Command in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which leads the federal government’s response to COVID-19 efforts in the continental U.S.

The commander stressed that in addition to those efforts, the depot must continue to support all mission assignments of supporting the Armed Forces “with the minimum workforce required.”

“It is my responsibility to keep the DDJC team safe during this pandemic while still supporting the warfighter,” she said.

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