Husam Solachuddin, First place, 10th-12th grades

From the Celebrate Tracy Youth Photo Contest — 10th-12th grades series

10th grade, Kimball High School

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Husam Solachuddin

As a Tracy-based photographer, I know my way around Tracy. Not do I only just know the best locations in Tracy for photoshoots but I also know the best places to hang out, have fun, and live. These series of photos I took of my friends were all located in our historic downtown filled with endless shops and things to do. Life in Tracy isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seem to be. Tracy is actually a fun and amazing place for children to grow and adults to live in. These pictures show the fun and beauty of only a tiny portion of Tracy. Personally, these pictures symbolize my day to day life here in Tracy. It shows my love for boba, which there is plenty here in Tracy, stores and cafes my friends and I could hangout in front and have a chat by, and the cool landmarks which makes Tracy one of a kind. Hopefully these pictures also show your day to day life here in Tracy and everyone else’s.

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