Nearly all of the ballots have been counted for San Joaquin County from the Nov. 8 election, and the results for local races remain mostly unchanged from the day after the election 2 weeks ago, when less than half of the ballots had been counted.

The county elections office has reported that 174,344 ballots had been counted as of Tuesday, representing 45.2% of the 385,679 registered voters in San Joaquin County. Registrar of Voters Olivia Hale reported that only about 3,700 ballots are left to count. Only 20.5% of the county’s voters had been accounted for on Nov. 9, the day after the election.

Tracy Mayor Nancy Young now has 43.95% of the vote (9,363) and her closest challenger, Councilwoman Eleassia Davis, gained only about half of a percentage point over the past 2 weeks for 32.45% (6,914).

Young expressed confidence the day after the election that she would retain her role as mayor. On Tuesday Davis posted a statement on Facebook declaring that she has accepted the outcome of the election. Both Davis and Councilman Mateo Bedolla, who also ran for mayor and gained 23.6% of the vote (5,029), have 2 years left to serve on their city council terms.

Incumbent Tracy Councilman Dan Arriola maintained his lead among seven candidates seeking two seats with 22.92% of the vote (8,812), and challenger Dan Evans continues to hold the advantage for the second seat with 17.55% (6,749).

Tracy Unified School District Trustee Steve Abercrombie maintains the lead among eight candidates vying for four seats on the school board with 15.76% (12,404). The three challengers who looked to win the open seats on the school board remain unchanged, but their positions have shifted. Olinga Yarber-Alexander started in fourth place and moved to second place with 13.52% (10,646), Jeremy Silcox was in second place on Nov. 9, dropped to fourth place and now is in third place with 13.3% (10.472), and R.G. Fagin was in third place and now is in fourth place with 13.22% (10,405).

In the race for two seats on the Mountain House Community Services Board of Directors, challenger Matt Disko is the front-runner with 23.26% (1,863) and incumbent Manuel Moreno is in second with 21.73% (1,741).

All incumbents were re-elected to the Lammersville Unified School District Board of Trustees. Vanitha Daniel received 43.15% of the vote (3,390) and Colin Nelson Clements received 37.75 (2,966). Trustee Lisa Boulais was re-elected to a 2-year term with 55.09% (2,636).

All three incumbents for the Tracy Rural County Fire Protection District were re-elected, John Vieira with 26.72% (3,258), Peter Reece with 26.54% (3,236) and Craig Miller with 22.45% (2,737).

Tracy’s Measure B won by a wide margin: 71.81% (15,560) to 28.19% (6,107). The measure changes the city’s business license tax measure to give small businesses a break with a basic flat tax, and tax big businesses based on a percentage of their revenue.

Democratic Congressman Josh Harder won the Ninth Congressional District seat with 54.9% of the vote (93,119), compared to 45.1% (76.591) for Republican Tom Patti, a San Joaquin County Supervisor, though Patti did gain a little, about 1½%, in the late mail-in voting.

Incumbent 13th State Assembly District incumbent Carlos Villapudua wins back his seat with 60.7% of the vote (50,330), and Tracy Mayor Pro Tem Veronica Vargas claimed 39.3% (32,545). Both are Democrats.

In the governor’s race, San Joaquin County voters favored Republican challenger Brian Dahle over Democratic incumbent Gavin Newsom, with Dahle gaining 51.76% of the vote (89,223) in the county over 48.24% (83,169). Newsom won statewide with 59.4% (6,323,860) over 40.6% for Dahle (4,329,270).

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Tracy Mayor, elect one (45.2% reporting)

Nancy D. Young (I)                               9,363            43.95%

Eleassia Davis                                        6,914            32.45%

Mateo Bedolla                                       5,029            23.60%

Tracy City Council, elect two (45.2% reporting)

Dan Arriola (I)                                       8,812            22.92%

Dan Evans                                              6,749            17.55%

Amrik Wander                                       6,056            15.75%

Alice English                                         5,957            15.49%

Wes Huffman                                        3,714            9.66%

Ameni Alexander                                  3,639            9.46%

William Muetzenberg                            3,521            9.16%

Tracy Unified School District, elect four (45.2% reporting)

Stephen Abercrombie (I)                       12,404          15.76%

Olinga Yarber-Alexander                      10,646          13.52%

Jeremy Silcox                                         10,472          13.30%

R.G. Fagin                                              10,405          13.22%

Navi Kahlon                                           9,919            12.60%

Brandi Hoffert                                       8,995            11.43%

Carrie Grover                                         8,880            11.28%

Anthony Villalobos                                7,007            8.90%

Mountain House Community Services District, elect two (45.2% reporting)

Matt Disko                                             1,863            23.26%

Manuel "Manny" Moreno (I)                 1,741            21.73%

Suresh Vuyyuru                                     1,299            16.22%

Ronna Green                                          1,198            14.95%

Asif Mohammed                                    1,136            14.18%

Umar J Sear                                           774               9.66%

Lammersville Joint Unified School District, elect two (45.2% reporting)

Vanitha Daniel (I)                                  3,390            43.15%

Colin Nelson Clements (I)                     2,966            37.75%

Arjun Juturu                                           1,500            19.09%

Lammersville Joint Unified School District, Short Term, elect one (45.2% reporting)

Lisa Boulais (I)                                      2,636            55.09%

Jasjeet Kaur                                           1,736            36.31%

Harmeet Gill                                          409               8.55%

Tracy Rural County Fire Protection District, elect three (45.2% reporting)

John Vieira (I)                                        3,258            26.72%

Peter Reece (I)                                       3,236            26.54%

Craig Miller (I)                                      2,737            22.45%

Brian Jackman                                       1,297            10.64%

Peter L Sawin                                        1,048            8.59%

John Muniz                                            618               5.07%

U. S. Representative in Congress, District 9 (393/393 precincts reporting)

Josh Harder, Democratic                       93,119          54.9%

Tom Patti, Republican                           76,591          45.1%

State Assembly, District 13 (211/211 precincts reporting)

Carlos Villapudua, Democratic (I)        50,330          60.7%

Veronica Andrea Vargas, Democratic   32,545          39.3%

Measure B                             Yes                              No

            15,560 (71.81%)         6,107 (28.19%)

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