The owners of a 100-year-old downtown building are taking steps to restore the structure at 714 N. Central Ave. in an effort to stay ahead of a court order that allows the city to demolish the building.

On Friday a lift and a backhoe arrived at the site, with the backhoe removing the asphalt from the parking lot between the building and East Seventh Street.

Building owner Brandon Perry confirmed on Wednesday that work is being done pursuant to a building permit that the city of Tracy’s issued to BBS Adventures in July. According to the city’s monthly building permit report, BBS Adventures plan to complete nearly $80,000 worth of tenant improvements on the structure.

Perry said that the project includes parking lot improvements to make the make the lot compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, parapet work on the roof, and reinforcement of brick walls. Perry said that work also needs to be done on the inside of the building. He expects the cost will be about $100,000 and it will take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

“We’re completing all life-safety issues the city has asked us to complete. We want to assure that great historic building survives for years to come,” Perry said on Wednesday. “We’re looking forward to showing significant progress to the City Council at the meeting on the 21st,” Perry said, referring to the Sept. 21 regular Tracy City Council meeting, where he hopes to be on the agenda to have a discussion with the council about revitalizing the building.

The City Council has discussed the matter during closed sessions, where discussions with legal counsel over pending or ongoing litigation takes place. As part of those meetings public comment is allowed before the City Council goes behind closed doors.

Perry said that even if the council opts to have the discussion in closed session instead of the regular meeting he will still make a presentation, and possibly have supporters of BBS Adventures make comments as well.

“We plan to use our allotted time to talk to the council before they go into closed session,” Perry said.

As BBS Adventures seeks to resolve its issues with the city, the building owners also are seeking a buyer or tenant for the building. Perry did not name any potential future occupants.

“We’re talking to some folks that are interested, but we don’t have any deal in place.”

BBS Adventures -- including Perry, his brother Shawn Perry and Brad Albom of Vallejo -- has been in an ongoing conflict with the city over the status of the building since 2008. At the time the building had been home to The Great Plate bar and restaurant for about 10 years.

Over the next 8 years the city would issue repeated building code violation notices, until finally in 2016 the city ordered the building vacated as non-habitable. The city followed up with a lawsuit in 2018, seeking to have the vacant building declared a public nuisance.

On May 20 of this year San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Robert Waters signed a Final Judgement Subject to Stipulation, in which the city and BBS Adventures agreed to a 90-day timeline for the owner to fix the building. On Aug. 18 Waters signed a Minute Order, declaring that the work had not been completed.

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