The intersection at Corral Hollow and Linne Roads, including a Union Pacific Railroad crossing, is due for an upgrade that would widen a section of Corral Hollow Road to four lanes at the intersection and also add a traffic signal.

One of south Tracy’s commuter bottlenecks is due for road improvements, but it could still take two or three years before those improvements are actually complete.

On Tuesday the Tracy City Council unanimously approved a $585,901 contract with Mark Thomas & Company of Sacramento to do the engineering and design work for the intersection at Corral Hollow and Linne roads.

The intersection sits just south of where Corral Hollow Road transitions from four lanes to two lanes. Linne Road meets Corral Hollow Road as a T intersection, and Corral Hollow Road continues as a two-lane road toward Interstate 580 and the Tracy Hills development. Presently there is a stop sign controlling traffic turning left or right from Linne Road to Corral Hollow Road, but no stop signs or signals on that part of Corral Hollow Road.

Tracy City Engineer Robert Armijo told the council that it would take the consultant up to a year to design the project, but the project also requires that the city coordinate with Union Pacific Railroad, whose tracks run parallel to Linne Road, on the north side of the road, before they cross Corral Hollow Road and head over the Altamont Pass. Those tracks see daily use by Union Pacific and the Altamont Corridor Express commuter trains.

“It’s probably going to be two to three years before we can start construction due to this railroad crossing that we need to contend with,” Armijo told the council, adding that he and his staff have been in contact with Union Pacific representatives.

“They’re very interested in seeing the design and knowing precisely what we’re planning, and so a lot of their ultimate approvals will revolve around the actual design that we show them. They’re a third party and we have to go through the review process. They have the ability to make requirements upon the city for design and other administrative matters.”

Once complete the intersection will widen Corral Hollow Road to four lanes to about 500 feet south of Linne Road, and traffic signals will also be installed. The rest of Corral Hollow Road will be widened as more homes are built in Tracy Hills, with that project’s developer committing back in November to widen the road when Tracy Hills takes out its 2,600th residential building permit.

In the meantime, the developer has also committed $1.2 million toward construction of the intersection at Corral Hollow and Linne roads.

As for the design and engineering costs, Armijo noted that the city has $295,000 worth of traffic impact fees, including developer fees, on-hand. Another $330,000 from a Congestion and Mitigation and Air Quality grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation will provide the rest of the money for the design and engineering contract.

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