The Unites States Census Bureau released new population data and congressional apportionment for each state on Monday based on the results presented from the 2020 Census. In total, the U.S. population rose by 22,703,743 or 7.4% and now stands at 331,449,281.

California, which was reported as having a population of 39,538,223, experienced a 6.1% increase over the last 10 years and is still considered the most populous state in the country. Utah was the fastest growing state since 2010 and experienced a 18.4% population increase. Puerto Rico, which does not having voting seats in Congress, experienced a 11.8% decrease in its population.

“In accordance with Title 2 of the U.S. Code, a congressionally defined formula is applied to the apportionment population to distribute the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives among the states,” the Census Bureau said in a press release. “The apportionment population consists of the resident population of the 50 states, plus the overseas military and federal civilian employees and their dependents living with them overseas who could be allocated to a home state.”

Although the population in the state continues to grow, the Census Bureau announced that California – along with Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – would be losing one congressional seat in the 2023 term. Texas is gaining two congressional seats and was the state that gained the most in population numerically, while Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Montana and North Carolina will all be gaining one congressional seat.

“The Census Bureau will provide states with the local population counts needed for redistricting by September 30, 2021. This is when states redraw or “redistrict” their congressional and other legislative boundaries,” said Patricia Ramos from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Los Angeles Regional Census Office in an email.

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