City officials picked the 10 nonprofits that will have a chance to sell fireworks for the Fourth of July in a lottery Jan. 9 at Tracy City Hall.

The assistant city manager, Midori Lichtwardt, and a fire department division chief, David Bramell, drew the winning nonprofits’ numbers out of a tumbler of 46 numbered ping-pong balls. Bramell said the city has had as many as 60 applicants in the past.

“I noticed the list this year we had some familiar faces,” Bramell said. “There’s familiar organizations and we also have a lot of new organizations, which is good.”

A local ordinance governs the sale of fireworks in Tracy city limits, allowing one fireworks booth for every 10,000 residents. With more than 90,000 residents, the city now has 10 permits available for fireworks booths.

The nonprofits selected during the lottery have until the end of April to complete the permitting process. If one of them fails to do so, that group’s place will be taken by one of the three alternates that were also chosen in the lottery.

Nonprofits that complete the permitting process will send representatives to a mandatory safety seminar in June and can then sell state-approved safe and sane fireworks during specific hours from June 28 to July 4.

They will share the profits with their fireworks vendor — either TNT Fireworks or Phantom Fireworks.

“Successful organizations will have one week to work your tails off and sell a lot of fireworks,” Bramell told the group representatives. “I’m confident and I know that historically Tracy has responded pretty well and that sales here are pretty strong.”

Bramell said the city’s only involvement in fireworks sales is setting up the lottery, helping the nonprofits get their permits, and inspecting their booths to make sure they comply with local laws and fire codes.

The 10 nonprofits were selected in the following order:

  • Sister City Association of Tracy Inc.
  • Mountain’s Hope Community Worship Center.
  • West High Home Field Advantage.
  • City On a Hill Mission Church.
  • Become One Voice.
  • Tracy Community Church.
  • St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tracy.
  • Fix’d Inc.
  • Supporting Others As They Rise.
  • California Eastern Star Foundation-Joaquin, Chapter 348.

If any of them must withdraw, one of the alternates will take their place:

  • First alternate, Tracy Raiders Football & Cheer.
  • Second alternate, West High Music Booster.
  • Third alternate, Central Valley Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation.

Contact the Tracy Press at or 835-3030.

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