The Tracy City Council took action to acquire the final pieces of property needed to widen Corral Hollow Road between Old Schulte Road and Linne Road, amending a resolution from November that allows the city to use its eminent domain authority to buy land along the roadway.

The project will widen the formerly rural two-lane blacktop to a four-lane thoroughfare leading to the Tracy Hills development. To expand the road, the city needed parts of the front yards of 55 properties.

Back in November, there were still nine holdouts between Old Schulte and Valpico roads who were reluctant to give up their land for what the city was offering. Since the city approved a resolution of necessity at that time, stating that the land was needed for the road, most of those landowners have reached a compromise with the city.

Tuesday’s action, passed on a unanimous vote, allows the city to acquire the land it needs for the price the city believes is fair. It effectively slices off about 12 to 14 feet from the property lines, with most of that land to be taken up by the new roadway.

The city intends to pay $90,300 for one frontage, $57,100 for another and $48,000 for a third, based on appraisals from Associated Right of Way Services Inc.

Robert Mehlhaff, an attorney representing the three property owners, said he had made counteroffers, but received no response.

“There has been no effort made by anyone Associated Right of Way or the city staff to contact me to negotiate anything, or to discuss any of the proposals made by the city,” he said.

“I would suggest and ask that there be some communications with me on behalf of these owners to actually negotiate the value of these. We’re not averse to negotiating in good faith with the city. It just hasn’t happened.”

The council sided with the city staff, though council members noted that there was still an opportunity for property owners to meet with the city to negotiate further before the city made its final offer.

Contact Bob Brownne at or 830-4227.

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