San Joaquin County saw a jump in new COVID-19 cases in the past week, with the total of known cases up to 369 individuals as of Thursday, April 16.

It’s an increase of 1.48 times the number of cases from a week before, when there were 249 known cases.

The numbers jumped on Monday, when 39 new cases were reported, the largest single-day increase in the county so far. The previous single-day high was 16 new cases, reported twice since March 23. The county reported its first case of COVID-19 on March 9.

This was the first full week since the county established a free drive-in testing center at the San Joaquin County Clinic. Public Health Services of San Joaquin County spokeswoman Krista Dommer said that county records don’t specify exactly where the new positive tests came from, though it is likely that the new testing could explain the increase in numbers.

“That’s pretty well-known, that the more you test, the more you will find positives,” she said. “The numbers definitely started to increase as we tested more.”

Tracy residents account for 61 COVID-19 cases, 16.5% or the county’s total, up from 36 reported last week. Stockton had 193 cases, or 52.2%.

In California, the number of positive cases was up to 27,528 as of Thursday, 1.4 times the number from the week before, with the largest single-day increase so far (1,758) reported on Wednesday. California has a total of 985 COVID-19 related deaths, with the highest single-day number so far (95) reported on Thursday.

The Johns Hopkins Centers for Systems Science and Engineering reports 699,105 COVID-19 cases in the U.S. as of Thursday, 1.5 times the number from the week before, with 36,727 deaths so far. Worldwide, there are 2.25 million people known to have COVID-19, 1.4 times the number from the previous week, and 153,822 people have died from the disease.

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