The San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters reported this week that the county is setting new records for advance voting, with more than 81,900 ballots, or 22% of the county’s registered voters, having cast their ballots as of Sunday, a little more than a week before Election Day.

Registrar of Voters Melinda Dubroff said that the county continues to receive 10,000 to 25,000 more ballots every day in the week leading up to Nov. 3. Dubroff said that about 75% of the ballots received so far were mailed in, and about 25% were returned through drop boxes.

Dubroff said that ballots sent through the mail should take a little more than a week to arrive at the elections office and be counted.

In the case of one Tracy voter’s ballot mailed through the Tracy Post Office and tracked at California Secretary of State’s website, the Post Office reported that it had the ballot on Oct. 13 and the state elections office reported that the ballot was received and accepted by the county elections office on Oct. 26.

Dubroff followed up and found that the elections office actually received the ballot on Oct. 21, but there had been a 5-day delay between when ballots were received and when voters were notified, with verification of signatures and scanning of ballots taking place in the interim.

Nearly 69% of the county’s 334,255 registered voters cast ballots in the November 2016 presidential election, and in November 2018 just over 57% of 344,605 registered voters cast ballots in San Joaquin County.

The county had 326,278 registered voters in the March primary, and about 46%, 150,482 voters, cast ballots, with about 75% of those votes cast by mail.

While voters can still cast ballots in person on Nov. 3 at one of five local voter service centers, voters can also use one of three local drop boxes to return ballots during the hours that they are open, and ballots mailed in by Nov. 3 will also be counted. All mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 3, and must arrive at the elections office by Nov. 20.

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