Drivers should expect delays and heavy truck traffic in the area of Valpico Road, MacArthur Drive and Chrisman Road as grading work for a 264-unit apartment complex gets underway.

Starting this past Monday through the end of March trucks will carry 50,000 cubic yards of fill material for the grading of the multi-family apartment project that will be constructed at the northeast corner of Valpico Road and Glenbriar Drive.

The trucks will bring the fill material from the Teichert Aggregates plant in Vernalis to the construction site up Chrisman Road to Schulte Road then turning on to Valpico Road to the construction site entrance. Empty trucks will use the same route to return.

During the construction, the contractor will maintain traffic control devices at the entrance to the construction site.

Streets in the area will be swept and maintained continuously throughout the construction period.

The city will have staff document the existing road conditions along the truck route before construction begins and require the contractor to repair any city street damage caused by the truck traffic.

Katerra Inc. is the developer of the Valpico Glenbriar Apartments, which will include 11 three-story buildings on an 11.62-acre parcel. The Tracy City Council approved the development in October 2019, seven weeks after the project failed to gain support from the city planning commission, with members of the public claiming that the apartments would bring increased traffic levels to already overburdened streets.

Katerra also operates a 577,000 square-foot factory on Paradise Road, which pre-assembles the wood-framed walls, floor trusses and roof trusses, and then delivers them to the construction site for full assembly of the buildings. Information on the Tracy factory, including a video from inside the factory, is at

• Contact the Tracy Press at or 835-3030.

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