The #8CantWait campaign comes out of Campaign Zero, a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to police reform. On June 10, the Tracy Police Department released a statement on how it addresses the eight measures that constitute responsible police practices.

• Requires officers to de-escalate situations, including effective training in the use of non-firearm projectiles and stun guns, and conflict resolution without the use of force.

• Requires officers to intervene when another officer is using inappropriate or excessive force.

• Requires officers to give a verbal warning, so that people who come in contact with police know if they are likely to be restrained, arrested or subjected to use of force.

• Restricts the use of chokeholds and strangleholds. As of June 8, the department prohibits the carotid control hold, a neck hold that does not restrict breathing but cuts off circulation to the brain, often causing a person to pass out.

• Prohibits officers from shooting at a moving vehicle. An existing policy states that this practice is rarely effective in stopping criminal suspects.

• Requires offices to exhaust all options before resorting to deadly force, which is also spelled out in the California Penal Code.

• Uses a continuum of force, which highlights officers’ responsibility to understand when certain levels of force are unnecessary.

• Requires comprehensive reporting, including detailed descriptions any time an officer uses force during an arrest or any other interaction with the public.

Contact the Tracy Press at or 835-3030.

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