The San Joaquin County election office continues to count mail-in ballots from the Nov. 3 election. Updated results reported Thursday night show little change in where local candidates stand in the polling, and no changes among the leaders of local races.

Tracy Mayor Pro-Tem Nancy Young still holds a strong lead over her nearest challenger, Councilman Dan Arriola. Young has 7,048 votes (36.02%) compared to Arriola’s 6,162 votes (31.5%). The latest count had Arriola making a slight gain, but he would still need to close a gap of 886 votes to take the lead.

Eleassia Davis still holds the lead in the city council race with 5,174 votes (15.81%) and Mateo Morelos Bedolla is still likely to gain the second seat on the council, with 5,052 votes (15.44%). Morelos Bedolla made a slight gain with the latest count, and now leads the nearest challenger, Amrik Wander (4,388, 13.41%), by 664 votes.

In the race for three seats on the Mountain House Community Services District the two leading incumbents, Andy Su (2,072 votes, 24.6%) and Bernice King Tingle (1,452 votes, 17.24%) still hold a substantial leads, as does the Harry Dhillon (1,318 votes, 15.65%), who will likely win the third seat on the board. The other candidates made slight gains with the latest count, but the next closest challenger, Raghu Malapaka (1,024 votes, 12.16%), is still 294 votes away from Dhillon.

Challengers also made slight gains in the polling for three seats on the Tracy Unified School District Board of Education, but not enough to affect the top vote-getters. Ana Blanco still leads with 8,988 votes (18.03%) and Nathalia Hughes Erskine is in second place with 8,109 votes (16.27%). Zachary Hoffert is also likely to gain a seat on the school board after he made a slight gain in the vote count, with 7,829 votes (15.77%), 641 votes head of fourth-place incumbent Jeremy Silcox (7,218 votes, 14.48%).

The top three candidates in the election for the Lammersville Joint Unified School District Board of Education remain unchanged. Challenger Stephanie Olsen (2,459 votes, 30.6%) leads, with incumbents David Pombo (2,304 votes, 28.67%) and Anne Bonilla (2,172 votes, 27.03%) close behind.

In the race for San Joaquin County Supervisor, Fifth District, Tracy Councilwoman Rhodesia Ransom still holds a strong lead over Tracy Mayor Robert Rickman. Ransom has 18,409 votes (52.66%), 1,858 more than Rickman, who has 16,551 votes (47.34%). It represents a slight gain for Rickman in the percentage of the vote count.

The race for San Joaquin Delta College Trustee, Area 6, is still coming out in favor of incumbent Teresa Brown, who has 13,906 votes (53.63%), compared to 11,933 votes (46.02%) for Casey Goodall, the former associate superintendent for business for Tracy Unified School District.

Results for four local ballot measure remain mostly unchanged.

On Measure Y, Tracy’s downtown development proposal, there was a slight increase in the percentage of “yes” votes, but the measure still appears to be headed for defeat, with 10,118 (53.29%) Tracy voters opposing the measure. The measure would have created an exemption from the city’s growth management ordinance to allow development around Tracy’s downtown transit station.

Two cannabis-related tax measures gained voter support but with a slight decline in support since the last count. Tracy’s Measure W has 12,599 (65.42%) votes in favor and is likely to gain the simple majority needed to pass. Measure X, a cannabis tax that would apply to unincorporated areas of San Joaquin County, has 93,901 voters (66.02%) in support, but will need to see an increase in support in the final count if the measure is to reach the two-thirds threshold required to pass.

Banta’s Measure V, which would create Banta Unified School District and clear the way for inclusion of River Islands High School in the district, is still headed for victory with 710 votes (71.72%) in favor.

Local election results - Nov. 3, 2020

Local election results, Nov. 3, 2020 % Votes
As of 9 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 5
Nancy Young 36.02% 7,048
Dan Tavares Arriola 31.50% 6,162
Jass Sangha 20.05% 3,922
Jennifer Bilbrey 7.61% 1,488
Abdul Wahid 4.64% 875
Write in candidates 0.19% 37
-- TRACY CITY COUNCIL -- (vote for 2)
Eleassia Davis 15.81% 5,174
Mateo Morelos Bedolla 15.44% 5,052
Amrik Wander 13.41% 4,388
Cliff Hudson 12.4% 4,059
Jaime Medina 12.07% 3,951
William Muetzenberg 11.74% 3,843
Ameni Alexander 11.24% 3,678
Elizabeth Ortiz 7.74% 2,444
Write in candidates 0.15% 49
Andy Su 24.60% 2,072
Bernice King Tingle 17.24% 1,452
Harry Dhillon 15.65% 1,318
Raghu Malapaka 12.16% 1,024
Daniel Harrison 11.23% 946
Pebble 11.14% 938
Victor Liew 7.84% 660
Write in candidates 0.15% 13
Ana Blanco 18.03% 8,988
Nathalia Hughes Erskine 16.27% 8,109
Zachary Hoffert 15.77% 7,859
Jeremy Silcox 14.48% 7,218
Jill Costa 13.47% 6,712
Gerald Jeffs 10.89% 5,430
Ajmer S. Mann 10.89% 5,427
Write in candidates 0.2% 99
Stephanie Olsen 30.6% 2,459
David Pombo 28.67% 2,304
Anne Bonilla 27.03% 2,172
Ephelius Cornelious 13.40% 1,077
Write in candidates 0.31% 25

Local ballot measures - Nov. 3, 2020

Local ballot measures - Nov. 3, 2020 Votes % % counted
As of 9 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 5
Measure V - Banta Unified School District 0% (0/8)
Yes 803 72.41%
No 280 27.59%
Measure W - Tracy cannabis tax 0% (0/11)
Yes 12,599 65.42%
No 6,660 34.58%
Measure X - San Joaquin County cannabis tax (2/3 required) 0% (0/207)
Yes 93,901 66.02%
No 48,330 33.98%
Measure Y - Tracy transit oriented development exemptions 0% (0/11)
No 10,118 53.29%
Yes 8,867 46.71%

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