A man driving a sweeper truck was killed when he was a struck by an Altamont Corridor Express train after his truck became trapped between crossing guard arms at South MacArthur Drive and Linne Road Wednesday morning.

Officer Joe Whitlock, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, said the CHP received a report of a collision between a train and a vehicle at around 7:05 a.m. at the intersection at the southeast edge of town. The railroad tracks are on the north side of Linne Road.

Whitlock said the driver was a private contractor working with a crew that was doing a county road construction project on Linne Road near MacArthur Drive.

He said the driver was proceeding north on MacArthur Drive and as he was going over the tracks the crossing arms came down.

“The crossing arms apparently blocked him in, and he was trying to maneuver the sweeper truck around the crossing arms and the train struck him.”

He did not know how fast the sweeper truck was moving or if it was in the act of sweeping the roadway.

The driver was killed on impact in the collision with the train, which was heading west from Lathrop was set to stop at the Tracy ACE station, 4800 S. Tracy Blvd., about a mile west of MacArthur Drive.

“For whatever reason he didn’t get out or move the truck enough out of the way to avoid the train,” Whitlock said.

The sweeper truck came to rest on its side next to an embankment along railroad tracks on the north side of Linne Road about 100 feet from the MacArthur Drive intersection. A stop sign, twisted by the impact sat next to the tracks.

At least 60 people were on the train at the time of the collision and no one was reported injured. The train stopped a short distance from the intersection after the impact and was later moved to the Tracy ACE station, where it was held for a short time until it was released to continue on the route.

Whitlock could not say how fast the train was moving when it struck the sweeper truck but said investigators would look into it as well as the speed of the sweeper truck.

The San Joaquin County Department of Health was called to the scene to investigate a hazardous material spill created by the crash and the CHP is investigating the collision.

The roadway was closed for a few hours as crews investigated the wreckage and intersection.

ACE does not list any train delays or cancellations as a result of the crash.

• Contact the Tracy Press at tpnews@tracypress.com or 835-3030.

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