A man allegedly armed with a knife was shot by a Tracy police officer after a foot chase through a north Tracy neighborhood early Friday morning.

Sgt. Miguel Contreras said Tracy Police Department received a call at 2 a.m. about a domestic disturbance and vandalism involving a man holding a knife in the middle of the road on the 1800 block of Camellia Drive. The woman who called the police said he was her ex-boyfriend.

When the first police officer arrived, the man with the knife, described as a white man in his 20s, ran, and the officer chased him west toward Golden Springs Drive.

Another officer arrived and joined in the chase, heading north to the 2700 block of Golden Springs Drive on the west side of Kenner Park.

At some point, Contreras said, the man and one of the two officers “had an encounter” and the officer fired his weapon. He said the man was “shot more than once” and fell near the sidewalk alongside the park.

Officers gave medical aid to the man, who was taken to an area hospital in critical condition. His condition was stable on Thursday, Contreras said, and he was cooperating with investigators.

Contreras didn’t name either the officer who fired or the man he shot.

Police closed the road and called in detectives, crime scene technicians and the police department’s mobile command post.

Contreras said a knife was recovered at the scene. He did not provide any details about the type of knife.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office was notified of the shooting, and multiple agencies are working together to investigate the shooting. The original domestic disturbance call is also under investigation.

Both officers were uninjured and, according to department protocol, were placed on administrative leave.

The last officer-involved shooting in the Tracy area was in January 2019, when a San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputy shot a fleeing burglary suspect on Carmelo Court just off Chrisman Road.

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We the people want and need law enforcement reform. This case is a prime example of attempted murder and all because the officer didn’t want to chase the perp. Was there no taser or beanbag gun available or what? Or even just get his name from the victim and track him down later if you don’t want to run or shooting in residential neighborhoods. How many bullets shot? How many missed and went into houses or cars? I hope to see our local journalists ask these kind of questions in the future as we rebuild our country and communities. Our town and country need the police and the public to come together as one community with our constitutional rights at the forefront of all the reform that we need. I see the compassionate good officers wanting this change all over independent media. We can’t let the bad outweigh the good. We are one community and need to address this divide. It’s not going to happen over night but it can and will happen. That’s the direction our country is going. Peace will overcome this hate plaguing our country. We are all one.

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