A revised plan for three new Mountain House neighborhoods will need to clear the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors before the developer can start work on new homes and parks.

Mountain House Developers LLC is changing the original plan for a golf course at the north end of town among new homes between Byron Road and Old River. Instead, the developer proposes a nature park, turning 218 acres of what would have been manicured fairways and greens into a park that would be open to the public, suitable for hiking, picnicking and bird-watching.

When complete, the park will be the centerpiece of a 1,074-acre development that will have 3,800 homes surrounding the nature park, 11.6 acres of neighborhood commercial development and 18.4 acres of mixed use development. There would also be 96.4 acres more of open space split between a lake in the middle of one of the neighborhoods and a regional park running along Old River, including the spot where Mountain House Creek meets the river.

The revised plan calls for the previously “age-restricted” neighborhoods on the golf course to now allow a mix of “active adult and family” development. Originally, the plan called for two of the neighborhoods to surround the golf course, with homes marketed to older residents, and another neighborhood to surround a new school, to be marketed as a family development.

The proposal already passed the San Joaquin County Planning Commission on a 5-0 vote July 18.

In the analysis that the planners reviewed, the developers revised the original plan from 2007 because, they said, the market for new homes was turning away from large neighborhoods that catered mostly to people reaching retirement age. Instead, that demographic was turning toward multigenerational communities.

The board of supervisors meets Tuesday at 9 a.m. in the board chambers on the sixth floor of 44 N. San Joaquin St. in Stockton. The meeting will include a public hearing on the Mountain House Developers, LLC project and a review of the environmental review that will describe the proposed changes

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