Crash on Corral Hollow

City workers contain a diesel fuel spill from a parked dump truck that was hit by a car on Corral Hollow Road south of Linne Road on Friday morning.

Two people died after their car struck a parked dump truck on Corral Hollow Road south of Linne Road early Friday morning, April 3.

Sgt. Craig Kootstra said Tracy Police Department officers were called to the crash at about 2:15 a.m. and arrived to find one male dead and another male with major injuries.

Police learned on Thursday, April 9, that the second man, who had been in the intensive care unit at San Joaquin General Hospital, had died of his injuries.

The chain of events leading up the crash began earlier when a Bay Area California Highway Patrol officer tried to stop a four-door sedan speeding on eastbound Interstate 580 near the Altamont.

The CHP officer had turned on his emergency lights, and the car pulled away at a high rate of speed.

The CHP officer didn’t chase the sedan but continued to follow it at a distance with his emergency lights off.

Kootstra said the CHP officer saw the sedan take the Corral Hollow Road exit, but he was too far behind was too far behind to see which way it turned at the end of the off-ramp. Tracy police officers were already heading that direction in case the CHP began a chase.

The CHP officer, not knowing where the car had gone, turned around at the exit and headed back to the Bay Area.

The sedan headed north toward Tracy.

Skid marks and evidence at the crash scene showed that the car drifted onto the shoulder of the northbound lane as it approached the Linne Road intersection.

Kootstra said it appeared that the driver of the sedan overcorrected and lost control, veering across the southbound lane and hitting an unoccupied dump truck parked on the west shoulder.

The sedan bounced off the dump truck and crossed back across the southbound and northbound lanes and crashed into a chain link fence set back from the east side of the road.

Kootstra said Friday morning that he couldn’t say how old the two people in the car were, where they were from, or whether the person who died was the driver or the passenger in the sedan.

An ambulance took the person with major injuries to San Joaquin General Hospital, where he was in critical condition Friday morning. No other information was available.

Officers shut the road down with barricades and the police department’s traffic unit was called to investigate the crash.

When the car struck the dump truck, it ruptured a diesel fuel tank in the truck, and city workers used an absorbent to collect the spilled fuel.

The car was towed away to be inspected by traffic officers, and the road was expected to reopen by noon.

Contact the Tracy Press at or 835-3030.

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