A man reportedly attacked a repossession company employee with a hammer, hitting him in the head, after the company went to repossess a truck on Tuesday morning on the 4500 block of Glenhaven Drive.

Police got the call at 11:47 a.m. from the repossession company after an employee arrived at the scene, where the truck was to be towed away. Police also got a call from a neighbor, who said the man was smashing car windows before he turned against the repossession company employee. Meanwhile, a woman tried to drive the truck off the tow truck but only released one of the straps holding it on.

The man with the hammer then drove off in a dark blue Porsche Cayenne and police followed the car as it sped through town, through red lights and onto Interstate 5. Tracy police couldn’t catch the Porsche and turned the chase over to the California Highway Patrol.

Police returned to Glenhaven Drive, where other people associated with the man with the hammer were detained, and they arrested a 25-year-old man on a warrant for resisting arrest. He was also wanted on a warrant for other felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, weapon possession, carjacking and making terrorist threats. He is being held without bail in San Joaquin County Jail awaiting a Jan. 30 court date in Stockton.

Tracy police received 1,222 calls for service from Jan. 2 though Wednesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


12:46 a.m.: Someone broke a window at the Union 76 station, 2420 Grant Line Road, to get inside. An officer confirmed that glass had been broken and found boards had been ripped off to get access to cigarette cartons. Police had a manager come down to the station.

6:54 a.m.: A tractor-trailer heading west on Schulte Road hit a city tree, which crushed the top of the tractor, near Fry Memorial Chapel, 550 S. Central Ave. The tractor-trailer and a limb from the tree were blocking the street. A city crew removed the limb. The driver was unhurt.

10:39 a.m.: A manager at Chipotle, 2512 Naglee Road, told the police the restaurant had been having a problem with homeless people in the trash enclosure who were giving employees a bad time. The manager wasn’t sure whether they were there at the time but wanted the police to check the area. Police checked and didn’t find anyone in the dumpster area.

12:36 p.m.: Police were called to Tracy Truck & Auto, 3940 N. Tracy Blvd., when the driver of a tractor-trailer refused to deliver his load to the destination unless he was paid more money because he was stuck in traffic. The driver had a load of pickles in a refrigerated 53-foot trailer that was last seen at the station. The caller wanted to be notified if the police found the trailer. Police checked the station and the Motel 6 truck parking area but it wasn't there.

4:37 p.m.: Someone called about three teenagers setting off fireworks at Clyde Bland Park, 1753 Blandford Lane.

7 p.m.: A homeless man who had been sleeping in front of Bright Now Dental, 2663 Naglee Road, was reportedly trying to get into the business. The caller said that when the man tried to get in, the staff locked the doors, and then the man banged on the doors and eventually left when he couldn’t get in. Police found the man and had him move along.

9:09 p.m.: A caller said a man in Gretchen Talley Park, 1440 Dove Drive, had been shining a strobe light at passing vehicles for the past week. The caller said it’s very distracting for people driving through the intersection. The caller said the man had left trash throughout the park. Officers checked and said that the man was asleep and the strobe light was turned off.


12:01 a.m.: Guests at Motel 6, 3810 N. Tracy Blvd., complained that there was a loud argument in one of the rooms that sounded as if it was getting physical. Police checked who was registered in the room and found that someone was on probation and was loitering on the motel’s property. Police arrested a 25-year-old woman at the motel.

5:25 a.m.: A worker at Shell, 3725 N. Tracy Blvd, said a homeless man was barking like a dog and walking around like a chicken in front of the gas station. The caller said the same man exposed himself inside the building Monday. Police checked on the man and let him go.

8:17 a.m.: A caller said there was an ongoing problem with teens speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road to race in the area of Fabian and Lammers roads. The caller said the drivers attended Kimball High School. She said she called about the same issue two or three months ago.

11:54 a.m.: A man in a white Mercedes who had been kicked out of the Microtel Inn, 861 W. Clover Road, reportedly shot at someone and then drove off. The man was suspected of breaking into another vehicle at the hotel the last night. The person who reported the shooting said the weapon looked larger than a handgun. The person gave the police the man’s ID, which was still at the hotel. No one was hurt and nothing appeared to have been hit by gunfire. Officers searched for the car but didn’t find it.

5:45 p.m.: Someone at Century 21 M&M Associates, 912 W. 11th St., told the police a homeless man was camping out in front of the business and they didn’t want him there. Police gave the man a warning and had him leave the area.

9:49 p.m.: A man called the police and said he had been stabbed behind the Chevron station, 7501 W. 11th St., and the dispatcher could hear an argument and a screaming woman. Because the gas station is outside of city limits, they transferred the call to the county sheriff’s office, but deputies weren’t able to find the stabbing victim. About 10 minutes later, a man walked into the Sutter Tracy Community Hospital emergency room, 1410 N. Tracy Blvd., and said he had been stabbed. 


12:04 a.m.: A pedestrian was struck by a man driving a Jeep Cherokee at 7-Eleven, 455 W. Grant Line Road. The pedestrian was awake but was lying on the ground and moaning when California Highway Patrol officers got there from across the street. The police, who decided to treat it as an assault with a deadly weapon, searched Grant Line Road for the Jeep but didn’t find it. A 2008 Honda Civic was reported as stolen as part of the incident, and an email was sent to the regional auto theft task force.

9:41 a.m.: A caller said there was a coyote running toward Tracy Boulevard along Lowell Avenue, passing by both Bella Vista Christian Academy and Monte Vista Middle School. Police checked the area but didn’t find a coyote.

10:18 a.m.: A person who lives on the first block of Emerson Avenue reported that their bicycle had been stolen Sunday and there was a video of the theft. The person called back just before 12:30 p.m. and said the man who stole the bike had returned on the bike and was in the driveway. Police cited the man on suspicion of theft and released him.

11:28 a.m.: Someone went to the police department to ask about pressing charges against a person who sent a text on New Year’s Day saying the recipient was going to die this year. Officers provided information about how to get a restraining order.

2:17 p.m.: Multiple people called and said a man armed with a large stick or piece of lumber was fighting with seven teenagers near Freiler School, 2421 W. Lowell Ave. The man had confronted the teens after they cut him off on their bicycles, and he allegedly threw some of their backpacks before driving off in a gray sedan. The teens were uninjured. Someone told the police the man’s name and where he lived, and they found the man on Laurelbrook Drive and arrested him. The man complained of kidney pain and was taken to San Joaquin General Hospital, where the police released him from arrest.

2:54 p.m.: A man was seen lying on a mattress and masturbating near the dumpsters at Motel 6, 3810 N. Tracy Blvd. He wasn’t there when the police arrived.

4:44 p.m.: Someone called about a nude man walking around the parking lot at Grace Baptist Church, 1330 N. Tracy Blvd. The caller wanted the police to give him a trespassing warning to stay off the church property. At 7:37 p.m., a man was seen taking off his shirt at the church, and the police were called to see if it was the same person.

7:13 p.m.: Someone reported a fight in the Best Buy parking lot, 2550 Naglee Road, with one driver circling another car and trying to hit it.

11:07 p.m.: Employees and customers at Denny’s, 3718 N. Tracy Blvd., said a man outside was taking off his clothes and flashing people. He reportedly hit the building and a garbage can and was last seen walking toward a nearby restaurant, still mostly naked. Police found the man behind another business in the area and took his information.


6:34 a.m.: Someone at an apartment complex on the 800 block of West Grant Line Road reported that a hit-and-run driver had knocked down a gate and it was blocking the driveway. The apartment complex's maintenance crew fixed the problem.

11:54 a.m.: Police went to Jack in the Box, 1935 W. 11th St., after someone reported that a man was repeatedly putting on and taking off his shirt while singing and dancing in the driveway of the restaurant. Police found that he was wanted on a number of warrants and took him to San Joaquin County Jail, where he was booked and then released.

5:14 p.m.: Police went to a shopping center at Grant Line Road and Orchard Parkway after a man in a white Honda Pilot reportedly rear-ended another car, instigating a heated argument between the drivers. Police talked to everyone involved but didn’t take a report.

7:36 p.m.: Someone reported that a woman was possibly offering herself as a prostitute at McDonald’s, 3430 N. Tracy Blvd. The caller said she was wearing a gray sweater, a cropped shirt, shorts and no shoes or socks, and she had a cut on her forehead and was “offering services” if someone would buy her something. Police told her to stay away from the restaurant.

9:55 p.m.: A person at the Chevron station, 3400 N. MacArthur Drive, reported that a man was beating up a woman behind the gas station and had hit her in the face with a bottle. Police arrived and found the woman, who had a “good-sized gash” on her forehead, walking away with a man, though she told officers that the man with her was not the man who had attacked her. Police called for an ambulance to take her to San Joaquin General Hospital and are investigating.


3:06 a.m.: A caller on the 2400 block of Azalea Avenue said there was a man whistling and playing loud music in the middle of the street. Police gave him a warning.

10:45 a.m.: A woman at Motel 6, 3810 N. Tracy Blvd., said a man took her phone out of her back pocket and left the motel. The man was described as armed with a knife and possibly on drugs. Police found the man, who was cooperative and agreed to return the phone.

11:22 a.m.: A customer at the AM-PM mini-mart, 550 W. Valpico Road, said she left her wallet and phone on the counter Friday night, and when she returned, they were gone. The woman said there was only one clerk in the store at the time and he was refusing to show her the surveillance video. Police said they would make a report.

2:33 p.m.: Police were called to West High School, 1775 W. Lowell Ave., to deal with a group of about 12 parents who started fighting in the parking lot after a basketball game and then headed into the gym. Police arrived and said it was just an argument, not a physical fight.

4:02 p.m.: A caller said two teens were arguing and then began firing a gun on Tassajera Court. The caller thought they shot at someone but couldn’t see a victim. He said the teens had dropped the gun near some bushes and were last seen running in different directions along the railroad tracks and Schulte Road and Central Avenue. Another person called and said a man ran through her backyard and jumped a fence toward the Tracy Cemetery saying someone was shooting at him. Police found a possible victim who said he drove up and confronted the two teens, which started the argument, and then they opened fire. Along with the gun, police found a shell casing and one unfired round. The gun had been reported as stolen in Sacramento in 2011. 

8:09 p.m.: Someone complained about a dog that had been barking for four straight hours at a home on the 3000 block of East 21st Street. Police tried to talk to someone at the home, but no one answered. Police said they would forward the information to animal control officers if the barking continued.

10:02 p.m.: Someone called the police about a loud party that had been going on for 10 hours on the 1500 block of Wilbanks Lane. Police had been to the address earlier and had been told the party would end at 8 p.m. They talked to the people there, who had one speaker in the garage, and the people agreed to turn down the music and close the garage door.


12:31 a.m.: A resident on the 3700 block of Farnham Drive complained about a group of about six people being too loud in a hot tub at a neighbor’s house. Police warned them to keep it down.

4:58 a.m.: A man in a parked car near the Tracy Learning Center, 51 E. Beverly Place, said he had smoked marijuana and snorted cocaine and he was worried about overdosing. He said he felt odd and his heart was racing, but he was breathing normally. He wanted the dispatcher to send paramedics. Police and an ambulance crew arrived and determined that the man was having a panic attack.

9:33 a.m.: A homeless person found sleeping under a blanket inside the 11th Street Laundromat, 824 W. 11th St., was given a trespassing warning to keep away from that business and from the Tracy Launderette on East Street.

12:02 p.m.: Someone ripped the back off a community mailbox on the 2000 block of Madera Court during the night. A nearby mailbox was also reported as vandalized. At 8:16 p.m., someone reported vandalism to another community mailbox on the 400 block of Summer Lane and said a neighbor might have a video of the incident.

2:20 p.m.: An employee at JCPenney, 3100 Naglee Road, called the police to report the theft of $1,150 worth of Nike gear on New Year’s Eve. The police had a suspect who also had a warrant for burglary and malicious mischief.

6:32 p.m.: A caller said someone stole the catalytic converter from his 2002 Acura sometime during the day while it was parked at the Tracy ACE station, 4800 S. Tracy Blvd.

9:17 p.m.: A man called the police and said a woman had been yelling “shut up” for about 20 minutes somewhere in El Pescadero Park, 250 W. Kavanagh Ave., near a sound wall behind his home. He said he could also hear a man yelling and it might be the people in tents near the skate park. Police checked the area and found a woman who said she didn’t need their help.

Jan. 2

3:51 a.m.: A caller said someone broke into her vehicle and stole a purse outside Wing Stop, 1988 W. 11th St. She said her driver’s license, credit cards and passport were inside the purse. 

7:10 a.m.: Employees at Juanita Market, 340 W. Grant Line Road, said they arrived and found the business had been broken into and an office door was open. About two hours later, they called again and said they had discovered that the safe had been broken into and about $94,000 was missing.

8:16 a.m.: Police were told about a resident in the 300 block of South Court who was letting a vicious dog out. The caller said the woman who owns the dog would let the dog out and say “sick him” while children were at a playground. The caller said in the past two days the dog had gotten out and bitten two children. The caller wanted officers to talk to the dog’s owner. Police gave her a warning.

12:59 p.m.: A man had reportedly barricaded several parking spaces in a city parking lot on the 600 block of East 11th Street, stacking milk crates to block off spaces between the lot and a laundromat under construction. An officer said the man was going to go somewhere else and the area had been marked for cleanup by the city's code enforcement staff.

3:36 p.m.: A caller said a drunken man was threatening to beat someone up and also trying to greet customers and give high-fives inside Home Depot, 2461 Naglee Road. Police arrested the man on suspicion of being drunk in public.

8:11 p.m.: A man allegedly stole about $1,000 worth of electronics from Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road, and left in a white Toyota Rav4 headed toward Byron Road. Officers said they would watch for the car.

10:48 p.m.: A driver delivering food said another car had been following her at 11th Street and Corral Hollow Road, and the people in the car confronted her and threw a bottle at her passenger window. She had a picture of the car showing the license plate. The police told her to call 911 and drive straight to the police station if something like that happened again.

This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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