Tracy police went to Discovery Bay at 10:01 a.m. on July 2 to make an arrest connected with a 2018 case.

Sonia Marie Tavares, 37, had been convicted last year in relation to an embezzlement case, where she allegedly took money from the Bohn Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization.

Sgt. Timothy Bauer, who investigated the case, noted that Tavares had accepted a plea deal that resulted in probation and a 180-day jail sentence, but she never reported to county jail, and Judge Michael Coughlin issued a bench warrant in November for her arrest.

Bauer said police tracked her down to her new home last week, and she was taken to San Joaquin County Jail and booked on charges that included using another person’s identity in the commission of a crime.

Tracy police received 1,510 calls for service from July 2 through Wednesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


5:29 a.m.: A caller on the 1400 block of Promenade Circle told police he thought he heard three men trying to get into his house through a back door. He said a motion-sensor light turned on and he heard someone turn the door handle. There was no damage to the door, and officers did not find the men.

9:52 a.m.: A stolen Ford F-150 pickup was found in a detention basin on the 2400 block of South MacArthur Drive. Someone described in the log as a transient told an officer the pickup turned up the night before. The Delta Regional Auto Theft Taskforce was going to deal with it.

10:56 a.m.: A woman wanted to talk with the internal affairs department about a recent raid by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office at the house where she’s a tenant on the 1300 block of Fruitwood Way. She said she wasn’t there when the raid happened and deputies did not have permission to enter her room, and she felt violated because they went into her room anyway. Her information was given to a lieutenant for follow-up.

3:23 p.m.: A housekeeper at the Fairfield Inn, 2410 Naglee Road, reported finding a zip-close bag of crystal methamphetamine in a room after a guest checked out. The hotel gave police the name and driver’s license of the person who was in the room and wanted an officer to pick up the bag.

8:35 p.m.: A man on the 2900 block of Campbell Lane wanted help with neighbor problems. He said his neighbors had sprayed him with a water gun on Sunday and then put a nail through their shared fence on Wednesday. A woman who lives next door also spoke with police, saying the man yelled at her for putting up decorations. A police officer said the two people talked and worked out their dispute.

11:34 p.m.: A BMX-style bicycle worth about $600 was reported as stolen from a garage on the 800 block of Weeping Willow Lane. The caller planned to file an online report and was trying to find out if any neighbors had surveillance video of the theft.


1:33 a.m.: A man was seen stealing gas out of a pickup truck at N Motion Motors, 4220 Commercial Drive. The person who reported him was watching a live feed from a security camera and couldn’t tell what he put the gas into, but said he walked off the lot toward Commercial Drive.

5:55 a.m.: A white 2000 Chevrolet 2500 pickup was reported as stolen from a home on the 1900 block of Chester Drive. The caller said there was a large tool box in the bed of the pickup, and it had a white rack. About five hours later, the caller told police the pickup had been found in San Leandro and had been towed away.

8:17 a.m.: A caller said someone broke into a house under construction on the 2800 block of Paver Court and stole a microwave and a stove.

1:35 p.m.: Police were told that people were living in an abandoned warehouse near A and Sixth streets and might have started a fire inside the building. The person who called the police could see and smell smoke but didn’t know what was on fire.

6:19 p.m.: Four men wearing hoodies with scarves over their faces allegedly walked out of Rite Aid, 599 E. Valpico Road, without paying for alcohol. The men left in an older silver car. The manager didn’t know how much the liquor was worth but wanted them prosecuted if they were caught.

8:47 p.m.: Someone who works for a developer said a man was trespassing on property on the 1800 block of East Grant Line Road. The man reportedly matched the description of someone who was kicked off the property just after 7 a.m. when a car was found in a barn scheduled for demolition. Code enforcement went and posted the area as an unlivable dwelling. Police checked the area and said the man was gone.

9:48 p.m.: A woman reported hearing automatic rifle fire coming from warehouses near Promontory Parkway. She said it didn’t sound like fireworks. A county sheriff deputy was on the way to check county areas nearby. A police officer at the scene talked to a security officer, who didn’t hear anything like gunshots or fireworks. Police checked the area and couldn’t find anything.

10:26 p.m.: A resident on the 2000 block of Gibson Court complained about loud music and was willing to sign a complaint. A police officer checked the house and knocked on the door and windows several times, but no one answered. Police said they would issue a citation the next time they were called to the house.


3:33 a.m.: A man who wanted his deposit back allegedly assaulted a staff member at Microtel Inn, 861 W. Clover Road, pushing a piece of Plexiglas on top of the person. The staff member wasn’t injured but the Plexiglas sheet was damaged. The man left the hotel, and the staff member was told to call the police again if he returned.

7:32 a.m.: Someone vandalized a home construction site on the 2600 block of Lynridge Avenue. The caller said a spark plug was stolen, patio glass was shattered and the main electrical breaker had been turned off.

11:51 a.m.: A caller said someone had a pickup truck full of illegal fireworks and had been firing them off for several days on the 2600 block of Southbrook Court. Police checked and said the pickup was filled with spent fireworks, none of them functional, and gave the owner a warning.

1:48 p.m.: A woman on the 1400 of Heatherfield Court said her .40-caliber Glock pistol was missing from her home. She said she was moving and couldn’t find the handgun anywhere and didn’t know who could have taken it. Police listed the handgun as missing.

2:30 p.m.: Nine people in their 20s and 30s reportedly refused to put on face masks and also refused to leave 99 Cents Only, 2888 W. Grant Line Road. The store was enforcing a mask policy, and the caller wanted the police to make the group leave the store.

4:31 p.m.: Someone reported that a man on a bicycle threw himself against a company car from Auto Zone, 1122 W. 11th St., and claimed to be injured. The person said the man walked away but said he would return later and “make Auto Zone pay for it.”

8:54 p.m.: A caller said a group of about 100 drivers had gathered for a sideshow and were revving their engines and being loud in the Red Maple Village parking lot, 2550 S. Tracy Blvd. A police officer checked on them a few minutes later and said they seemed peaceful and people were starting to leave.


12:24 a.m.: A woman told police that she had just received a text from her daughter, who had been reported missing, and she believed the young woman was a victim of human trafficking and was possibly at a motel in Harbor City near Long Beach. Police were unable to reach anyone from that police department, but the woman said she would keep trying.

12:39 a.m.: Some people charging a cellphone near the air pumps at Shell, 3725 N. Tracy Blvd., refused to leave and started an argument. Police gave the group a warning.

9:26: a.m.: A caller on the 200 block of West Clover Road told police they had a video of a neighbor setting off illegal fireworks that set their house on fire.

10:14 a.m.: A woman reported that two dogs had jumped out of a trailer and attacked her dog. She added that the man with the dogs then blamed the woman for the attack. There were no serious injuries reported to either dogs or people, and the woman wanted animal control to follow up on the matter.

11:43 a.m.: A man reported that someone had shoved him from behind, knocked him to the ground, and took his jacket and phone at the intersection of Grant Line Road and Tracy Boulevard. He asked for medical help as one of his teeth had been knocked out. Police recovered some security camera video from a nearby business and retrieved an image of the robber, who left in an unknown direction.

2:31 p.m.: A woman on the 3600 block of West Grant Line Road reported that a man kept knocking on her daughter’s door asking her to adopt him. The woman and her husband followed the man toward Lammers and Byron roads. Police found the man and told him to stay away from the house, and advised the woman to get a restraining order.

3:33 p.m.: A resident on the 2600 block of Pyramid Drive said an unknown person stole a bag of items and jewelry worth $5,000 during a niece’s graduation party attended by a large number of people. The resident needed an incident number from police to file an insurance claim.

6:51 p.m.: A caller complained about a church with loud music in the area of King Alley and West Street. The caller was willing to sign a complaint because the music was still going on. Police gave the church a warning.

9:25 p.m.: Police responded to Raley’s, 2550 S. Tracy Blvd., for a report of a man sitting on the floor and eating in front of the bank inside the store. The person who called the police said he didn’t appear threatening, and when police arrived, the man said he needed medical assistance, so they called for an ambulance to take him to an area hospital.

11:49 p.m.: Someone who lives on the 2000 block of Gibson Court said a neighbor had left his front door open with really loud music playing while he watered his lawn, and they asked him nicely to turn the music down but he ignored them. Police checked and said the music was off and the man was watering the street and sidewalk.


2:16 a.m.: A Ford Explorer rolled over and landed on its side about 70 feet off 11th Street just west of the Lammers Road intersection. Officers arrested the driver on suspicion of driving under the influence after a field sobriety test. Police called for a flatbed truck to take the SUV away.

5:08 a.m.: Someone who lives on the 1400 block of Promenade Circle said their 2012 Mazda 3 had been damaged in a hit-and-run while it was parked in front of their home. The car owner had walked around the neighborhood and found a Mitsubishi Montero with matching damage parked near the corner of Woodland Lane and Plum Way.

8:22 a.m.: A Ford Fusion was reported as stolen from a home on the 100 block of West Clover Road. The caller said there was a Raiders sticker in the back window and the keys were in the car.

11:20 a.m.: A staff member at the Microtel Inn, 861 W. Clover Road, reported finding drugs, possibly crystal methamphetamine, in a guest’s room. The guest was waiting downstairs at the front desk for his deposit. Police said they would make a report on the incident.

4:54 p.m.: A man was in Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road, carrying a razor to cut open merchandise packages and steal them. The man was wearing a full ski mask and was concealing items in his pants waist band and jacket. Police told the man to give the items back and stay away from the store.

5:23 p.m.: A caller said a man was dancing around the pumps, punching his car, making shooting gestures and screaming at the North Pole gas station, 574 W. Grant Line Road. The caller guessed the man might be on drugs. The man went inside the station and appeared to be trying to break a cooler and get liquor. Another caller said the man seemed to be trying to take the steering wheel out of the car. Police called an ambulance just in case and then talked to man, took down his information and let him go.

5:55 p.m.: Someone called and said a completely naked man appeared to be injecting himself with drugs in the receiving area at the back of Safeway, 1801 W. 11th St. Police gave the man a citation.

6:18 p.m.: A man with a dog was setting up a tent in the parking lot of Center of Hope, 2514 Holly Drive. No one had confronted him yet, but the person who called the police didn’t want him to be there when people arrived for church Sunday morning. Police checked on the man and said he was taking the tent down.


2:20 a.m.: Emergency crews went to the 100 block of West Eaton Avenue after a person reportedly dozed off and hit a parked car in front of St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, causing the car to flip over. The driver was not injured, and a tow truck was required to put the car back on its wheels and take it away. The fire department was called for a leaking fuel tank on a truck that had been hit.

4:02 a.m.: Someone reported people screaming on the 200 block of Laguna Drive. Police got to the scene and found a group of people, including a drunken man with lacerations, though he insisted that he wasn’t the victim of a crime. Police called for an ambulance to take him to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital.

10:08 a.m.: A woman on the 100 block of West Highland Avenue reported that a man in a Honda followed her to her house and crashed into her car after she parked in her driveway following a road rage incident at a four-way stop. Police called an ambulance for her after she complained of pain to her neck and shoulders. She also got the license plate number of the Honda, and police found the owner, a 54-year-old man, and sent him to San Joaquin County Jail on a charge of felony assault.

10:56 a.m.: A woman on the 1200 block of Cottage Grove Way reported that there was a stray cat in her neighborhood that appeared to have been shot repeatedly, and she was trying to trap it.

4:29 p.m.: Someone reported a car crash at 11th Street and Tracy Boulevard. No serious injuries were reported, and the drivers were able to get the cars out of the roadway.

8:09 p.m.: Police pulled over a van pulling a trailer along the 2600 block of North Tracy Boulevard, noting that the trailer’s axle was broken and dragging along the pavement. Police advised the driver to keep the trailer off the road until it could be repaired. About 20 minutes later, someone reported a van towing a trailer that was dragging and sending up sparks. Police pulled over the van and trailer again at the intersection of Grant Line and Corral Hollow roads, and this time told the driver to stay off the road until a tow truck could come and take the trailer away.

9:01 p.m. Calls started coming in about loud fireworks around town. More than 40 calls came in between 9 p.m. and midnight. In most cases people gave the police only a general idea of where the fireworks were coming from, and in only a few cases were callers willing to sign official complaints.

July 2

1:19 a.m.: A security guard reported a break-in at Abala Pharmacy, 550 W. Eaton Ave. The guard was at Sutter Tracy Community Hospital when a burglary alarm went off, and the guard then heard glass break. Upon investigation, the guard saw four people get into a car and head north on Bessie Avenue. Police took a report.

3:59 p.m.: Someone on the 1500 block of Promenade Circle called police to report that a man had been lying face down on the ground in Zanussi Park for the past six hours. Police arrived and found that the man was sleeping. The officer gave him a bottle of water and advised him to move to the shade.

6:12 p.m.: Police responded to a car crash with possible injuries at Grant Line and Naglee roads. At least one of the cars had to be towed away.

9:54 p.m.: A man at Beverly Place and Madison Avenue reported that a man on a Vespa scooter was shooting off fireworks as he drove through the area. The caller said the same person had been a regular problem, but he was gone when police arrived. It was one of 32 fireworks complaints that Tracy police received between 8 p.m. and midnight.

This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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