Police were called to Motel 6, 3810 N. Tracy Blvd. on Tuesday at 3:39 p.m. for a report of a woman who had been sexually assaulted.

According to dispatch records, the woman and a friend called police from a Chevron gas station on MacArthur Drive and said she was a Lyft driver and had picked up Emmanuel Morales, 35, the night before. He allegedly forced the Lyft driver into a room at the motel and there forced her to perform sexual acts. The woman may have been drugged and was falling in and out of consciousness at the gas station.

Police went to the motel and found Morales in an upstairs room. Morales was arrested and booked into San Joaquin County jail where he is being held on 1,000,000 bail facing charges of kidnapping and oral copulation by use of force or injury. The woman was taken by ambulance to an area hospital. Morales was scheduled to appear in the San Joaquin Superior Court Manteca branch Thursday afternoon.

Tracy police received 1,399 calls for service from Sept. 12 through Wednesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


2:20 a.m.: A man wearing a Minion towel over his body was walking around the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park, 812 W. Clover Road. Someone asked him if he was on drugs, but the man’s reply didn’t make sense. He was last seen walking toward Clover Road. Police searched the mobile home park, a nearby motel and a supermarket but couldn’t find the man.

3:41 a.m.: A resident on the 100 block of Brannon Drive said someone threw a bottle filled with alcohol and rags that had been lit on fire at a neighbor’s house. The caller suspected that homeless people living near Interstate 205 threw the bottle, which started a small fire in the  neighbor’s front yard.

10:17 a.m.: Neighbors near Tracy Press Park, 731 Weeping Willow Lane, complained about homeless people living in the park. The caller was not sure whether they had tents still set up but was upset that they were near to homes. An officer planned to check who was in the park.

12:26 p.m.: A caller told the police three men were stealing mail from an apartment mailbox on the 200 block of West Clover Road. The men were gone when the police arrived, and an officer said he would take any mail that was still in the mailbox to the post office.

4:08 p.m.: A man with a backpack was caught stealing meat and other items from Safeway, 1801 W. 11th St. A police officer found the man with the meat in front of the fire station on 11th Street. The items were returned to the store and the man was warned not to return.

7:57 p.m.: Someone called and said drivers had been doing burnouts and drifting in the area of Crossroads Drive and Gaines Lane. The caller said the vehicles were gone but wanted extra police patrols in case they came back.

11:58 p.m.: Four people with bicycles were reportedly fighting over a dog in front of the Shell gas station, 3725 N. Tracy Blvd. The person who reported the fight was not sure whether they had any weapons. Police noted that they were just arguing.


6:18 a.m.: A resident on the 300 block of Portola Way told police he thought someone crashed a vehicle into the fence next to his house. About 20 feet of the fence had been knocked over and there were tire marks nearby.

9:58 p.m.: A caller on the 2400 block of Colby Court reported that a woman was going through garbage cans in the neighborhood and she ignored him when he told her to leave. He said the woman took some kind of paperwork from a neighbor’s garbage can and he took photos of her and wanted to talk to an officer. Police couldn’t find the woman. 

12:44 p.m.: People in the area of Peony and Windsong drives reported hearing several gunshots in rapid succession, possibly from a car. The first call was from a person on Peony Drive who heard as many as 10 shots. A second caller on Memoir Avenue heard about six gunshots and the sound of a car speeding away. Someone else said the gunfire came from somewhere near Maison Lane, and they saw a white Hummer on Peony Drive and what looked like a gun in the driver’s hand. A witness on Peony Drive near Bill Schwartz Park said the driver of the Hummer fired two shots and then three more shots into the air before driving off. They said the gun might have been a revolver. Employees at Traina School locked down the campus as officers searched streets for the Hummer and any shell casings. They didn’t find either one, and no cars or houses appeared to have been hit. Traina School was released from lockdown after about 20 minutes. Peony Drive residents with cameras said they had videos of the shooting.

2:59 p.m.: Workers on the 5700 block of Promontory Parkway said two men wearing masks broke into a co-worker’s car and poured gasoline inside. The two men reportedly left the area in a small silver Nissan car. Police took a report on the incident.

5:02 p.m.: A caller from the 2500 block of Remy Cantos Drive wanted to talk to an officer about a neighbor who had been throwing toys and dog treats to his dog to make it bark. The caller said that once the neighbor gets the dog to bark, he calls the police department to complain about the barking. The caller said he had a video of the neighbor throwing things into his backyard.

7:43 p.m.: Police went to Ritter Family Park, 2001 Bessie Ave., to check out a report involving homeless people camping in the park. The place where they had set up their tents had been rented and they were allegedly refusing to leave. Police found one tent set up where a youth sports team was finishing practice, and they issued a warning.


5:25 a.m.: Police were called to a home on the 800 block of West 11th Street after a woman called police saying her adult son had a knife and was demanding drugs. She said her two daughters and her other son were in the house and the son with the knife was threatening to hurt the family. Officers surrounded the house and called in a police dog, and the son with the knife left the house and was found in the backyard. Police arrested him, and as of Wednesday, he was in the San Joaquin County Jail facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and threatening a crime with intent to terrorize. He was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.

10:12 a.m.: A woman on the 300 block of Accipiter Court said her cat was killed by a large, aggressive dog belonging to a neighbor. She said one of her other neighbors also has aggressive large dogs and she and her family were afraid to go outside and couldn’t sleep because all the barking. The police dispatcher could hear a few dogs barking loudly while she was on the phone with the woman. No animal control officers were working Monday, but the police said they would take a report.

12:51 p.m.: Police were called to Kimball High School, 3200 Jaguar Run, where an assistant principal was reportedly holding a student in front of the office near the parking lot. When officers arrived, they couldn’t find the administrator or the student. An officer contacted the administration office and was told that the 16-year-old student had left the campus and might have a gun. An officer driving to the school saw a youth who matched the student’s description walking on 11th Street near Crossroads Drive, and police stopped him at gunpoint and searched him for weapons. Officers also searched the surrounding area for a gun. There was no mention of whether the student was arrested or a firearm was found.

2:52 p.m.: A man wearing a Freddy Krueger mask with a red shirt and blue shorts was seen walking with a cane in front of Villalovoz Elementary School, 1550 Cypress Drive. The man did not say anything to anyone at the school. Police searched the area but couldn’t find the man.

5:33 p.m.: A car struck a fire hydrant at the corner of Grant Line and Corral Hollow roads and then fled. A witness had a photo of the car and sent it to police dispatchers, and the car was spotted in the parking lot of a medical office at Orchard Parkway and Grant Line Road. Police talked to the occupants of the car and determined that the accident occurred on private property. The fire department and city workers dealt with the hydrant.

11:33 p.m.: A man on the 900 block of Windeler Avenue called to complain about a woman who was feeding cats in an alley and trespassing on his property. He said she had been feeding cats near his house and all over town for two years and he wanted it to stop.


1:52 a.m.: A person reported that a gold Toyota Camry had just crashed near the intersection of Grant Line Road and MacArthur Drive, and the driver got out and was trying to push the car out of the road. Police arrived and arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of drunken driving.

8:26 a.m.: A man was reportedly fighting with the employees at Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road, after they asked him to leave the store, and he remained near the entrance of the store yelling at customers. Police arrived and arrested the 30-year-old man and ordered him to not return to the store.

12:13 p.m.: A man reportedly stole a van at knifepoint from Premier Hyundai, 3480 Naglee Road. A manager at the business said the carjacker jumped in the van and threatened to stab an employee who tried to stop him. Police got a description of the man and the vehicle and forwarded the information to the Delta Regional Auto Theft Team.

4:47 p.m.: Two men reportedly went into the T-Mobile store, 2114 W. Grant Line Road, and tried yanking display phones from their mounts. They reportedly got away with an iPad and damaged several other devices before they jumped in a gold-colored Audi and headed toward Interstate 205.

5:09 p.m.: A woman called police after a man, who was bleeding from the head, told her that he had just been attacked by 10 to 20 people in El Pescadero Park.

8:21 p.m.: A man at Tracy Truck & Auto, 3940 N. Tracy Blvd., reported that a “tweaked out guy” said he was going to carjack his car. Police searched the area and found the suspect and arrested him for being drunk and disorderly.


5:31 a.m.: Tracy police made a high-risk stop on the 1100 block of Lincoln Boulevard on a car believed to have been involved in a recent robbery and detained two people. One of them, a 25-year-old woman from Antioch, was arrested on a Contra Costa County warrant for felony assault, and the car was impounded.

9:31 a.m.: A man reported that he was hit by a Ford pickup in the parking lot of Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road. He told police that he heard tires spinning before he was hit, and then the driver of the pickup screamed at him before going into the store. The man was uninjured, and police looked up information on the truck, learned that the owner was on probation, and gave the caller an incident number in case he wanted to follow up on the matter.

11:27 a.m.: A person called police to report that a BMW had run up onto the sidewalk on Kavanagh Avenue near Tracy Boulevard. A traffic officer stopped the BMW at El Pescadero Park and arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of drunken driving.

2:14 p.m.: Police went to the 3500 block of Tracy Boulevard for a report of a hit-and-run crash after a red Toyota Camry hit the caller’s Ford F-250 truck. Officers learned that a man possibly associated with the Toyota had run away, and they found him and arrested him in connection with the hit-and-run.

10:46 p.m.: A person at Brookdale Senior Living, 355 W. Grant Line Road., reported that a man in front of the home was trying to climb onto a resident’s balcony, and another person said the man looked like he was trying to get into her car. Police found the man and determined that an ambulance was needed for medical assistance.


1:20 a.m.: Someone reported the sound of screeching tires and a crash at Central Avenue and Tracy Boulevard and then reported that a car was up on the divider in the middle of the road. Police arrived and saw that a Mercedes had crashed into a light pole. They talked to two people believed to be involved and had the car towed away.

6:23 p.m.: A woman on the 2900 block of Elsinore Drive told police that about 12 teens were fighting outside of her home. Another neighbor said it looked like a gang initiation. The group left before the police arrived, but they did get a description of the car that some of them left in.

10:16 p.m.: A person at Target, 2800 Naglee Road, reported that a man with a 6-inch knife on his waistband, wearing black gloves, had just used the knife to cut a cellphone loose from its display mount and then left through an emergency exit. Someone from the store’s loss prevention department planned to make a full report the next morning.

10:18 p.m.: A teen was reportedly jumped after the Tracy vs. Manteca football game at Tracy High School, 315 E. 11th St. The youth ended up in the emergency room at Sutter Tracy Community Hospital with a possible broken nose, but did not give police further information. Police informed his parents that they should contact the school resources officer for follow-up.

11:28 a.m.: Police went to the 1500 block of Chester Drive for a report of people going into a house where they didn’t belong. An officer arrived and the people in the house bolted out the back door. The police found others in the house, all teens who were released to their parents. They referred the case to code enforcement as a possible abandoned house.

Sept. 12

7:11 a.m.: An injured man was rushed to San Joaquin General Hospital after a car crash at Grant Line Road at Interstate 205. A person at the scene of the crash told police that the man was bleeding from his head, and police confirmed that he had suffered head lacerations. Both cars had to be towed away.

7:50 a.m.: Emergency medical crews were called after a girl on a bicycle was hit by a car on the 2700 block of Redbridge Road. The girl was alert when police arrived.

10:37 a.m.: Police responded to a crash between a Cadillac and a Ford F150 pickup on the 2800 block of West Grant Line Road. One of the people involved complained of back pain and requested an ambulance, and police took a report.

2:09 p.m.: A man and a woman reportedly stole two cases of Crown Royal from BevMo, 2860 W. Grant Line Road, and jumped into a car waiting in front of the store. Police got a description of the suspects and the car and took a report.

2:55 p.m.: Police stopped a carload of teens near the intersection of Lowell Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard after recognizing one of the occupants as having been involved in a fight at Kimball High School the day before. Police detained, cuffed and searched two of them; cited one for driving without a license and driving without insurance; and had the car towed away.

4:31 p.m.: A man reportedly went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s, 236 E. 11th St., and exposed himself to restaurant employees on three separate occasions. Police got a description of the man and his car and took a report.

This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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